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I deny the charge in toto - However I did tell the mother of Loz Shaw that I would at some future time levy unless the debt was liquidated  Of course in making my levy I would have been governed by the paragraph refered to & would have set apart Five hundred Dollars if to be found - if not - of course no levy would have been made - there was none made - & the report was false - as the complainant acknowledged I asked him to hold to the statement before a Justice Peace - he would not & then happily I met with Mr Burney a part & parcel of the Bureau & insisted that Mr Shaw should swear to the statement before him - He would not & confessed that Paul Russell was his agt who complained for him & Paul Russell declares now that the report was false, Mr Burny was present at the investigation & I refer you to him - I have complied with your order - Col Richardson will see you personally in regard to the matter  I regret that you have been