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Bureau R.F. and A.L.
Office Supt. So. Dist. N.C 
Wilmington N.C. Jany 3. 1867. 

Lieut. J. W. Means.
A.C.S. Post of Wilmington N.C.

Circular No. 8. Dated War Dept. Bur. R.F and A.L. Washington. June 20. 1865. prescribes for destitute freedmen 10. ounces of Pork or Bacon. 16. oz Fresh Beef, 16 oz. Flour Soft Bread or meal, according to which I am now drawing and issuing.
Paragraph 2. Article 5. "Officers Manuel Bur R.F & A.L. 1866." Approved by Genl O.O. Howard, Dec 1st 1866, as "Authority" upon matters therein contained, "prescribes 12 oz. Pork or Bacon. 18 oz Salt or Fresh Beef. 18 oz Soft Bread or Flour. 16 oz Hard Bread or 20 oz Corn meal, as the Ration to be issued: Please inform me if Rations will be issued in accordance with the present orders.

I am Lieutenant
Very Respectfully Your Obt. Servant. 
Allan Rutherford
Lt. Col. VRC. Supt. So. Dist. N.C.

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