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International Building
630 Fifth Avenue
New York

Telephone: Circle 7-0656 
Cables: Broadcasts, New York
Telephone: Executive 1465
Washington, D.C Office   
1150 Connecticut Avenue     

October 14, 1942

Madame Lee Ya-Ching
25 East Eighty-third Street
New York, New York

Dear Madame Lee,

About the broadcast next Friday that we discussed on the telephone yesterday. May I first of all say how very grateful we are to you for agreeing to take part and how much we are looking forward to having you on the program.

The facts about the show are as follows. Every Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon we have the two-way telephone circuit with London, using the ATT broadcast-quality transmitters. This enables us to carry on a two-way conversation just as though it was a local telephone call. The enclosed folder explains the nature and purpose of the program "Answering You", but we now have the questioners "live" in New York. The complete program is recorded in London, subsequently passes the British censorship, and is broadcast from London to America on the following Sunday. The program is rebroadcast in America by more than 100 stations of the Mutual network and is carried in New York by WNYC. It is not heard in England. 

We have outlined the questions dealing with the ferry command in a way which we thought you would like to have them put to London. The outline is on the enclosed sheet. I should be most grateful if you would confirm this, or indicate to me any alterations, today, Wednesday, if possible. Because, although the show is done ad lib, I have to submit the substance of the questions to the American censorship before Friday. Also I have to let London know in advance what questions will be asked so that they can get qualified people to reply. 

I shall look forward to hearing from you, and I would be most grateful if you would be here at our studio by 10:00 am on Friday so as to meet the other people taking part and plan our part of the show with the M.C. who I hope will be Dr. Angell of NBC.

Sincerely yours

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry


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