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Now entering our ninth year of flying operations at Central Jersey Airport, we are proud of our record of safety. During all this time no flying student has received the slightest injury while flying at Central Jersey Airport. At the same time we believe our group of students to be the largest in the state, flying more hours annually than any other.

This remarkable record of safe flying is a result of a well-thought-out plan and we expect it to continue because of:

First - Quality of Instruction. Every student is taught all emergency maneuvers even to becoming thoroughly competent to bring a plane to a safe landing in case of motor failure. Our emphasis on safe, conservative flying is reflected in our graduates who, having been given a good start, continue to fly safely. Another indication is the splendid success of our graduates in passing U.S. Civil Aeronautics Bureau flight tests.

Second - Safe Airplanes. Bennett Air Service is probably the only flying school in the United States using new airplanes for instruction, constantly replacing each plane after a comparatively short term of service so that each plane flown by students is only a few months old. While there is no doubt that any licensed airplane is airworthy after years and years of service, we have adhered to this practice as a matter of policy.

Our fleet of airplanes consists mostly of "Cubs", widely recognized as the safest of all flying machines. They are of the tandem seating arrangement which is used for instruction by the Army and Navy. We have larger planes for advanced training.

Third - Maintenance. The flying equipment of Bennett Air Service is maintained at all times by government licensed mechanics. The quality of our mechanical service was recently recognized by the Continental Motors Corporation who awarded us the coveted rights to render authorized factory service exclusively in New Jeresy. 

Due to our large volume of business we are able to offer you these low rates.
Solo course, $60 including all dual instruction (not to exceed ten hours) and one solo flight. Most students are qualified to solo after eight hours of instruction.

Individual Lessons - $2.50. Solo rates $6.00 per hour. 

Private Pilot's License Course. Including all instruction and 35 hours solo. $40 down and balance as you fly. $3.00 per half hour of dual instruction and $2.00 per half hour of solo flying.

Free Flying Instruction included with the purchase of a new or used plane.

Commercial Pilot's Course, $1688 including new airplane. We guarantee to place you immediately upon graduation. This course too can be financed. Ask for pamphlet describing this course.

Further questions will be gladly answered at the airport.

After you get your license you may rent our planes for your own use. Many of our licensed students take their friends along who are glad to pay for the rental of the plane in exchange for the ride. While if you should later decide to buy a new or guaranteed used plane, part of your tuition is applied toward the purchase price of the plane. 


Central Jersey Airport  3 1/2 miles South of Hightstown, N.J. 

[[image 1 - top left]] Man talking to woman in plane - Mr. and Mrs. George Lynn of Trenton, N.J., who soloed on the same day at Al Bennett's Airport in Hightstown [[/image]]

[[image 2 - bottom right]] Map showing path from Trenton N.J. to New York City [[/image]]

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