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If you claim preference for the Indian Service as an Indian, it will not be allowed unless you obtain and file with this application certificate from the superintendent of the Indian agency where you are registered, or from the Commissioner, Bureau of Indian Affairs, showing that you have a least one-fourth Indian blood.
The information given under Question 16 will not affect eligibility for examination but will be useful to the Commission in expediting the handling of applications.

[[4 columned table]]
|16. Name each examination for which you have filed application with the Commission or any of its offices. (If none, write "None.")| In what cities were you examined? | Give the date of each examination (Month and year) | Did you pass? (If so, show rating) |

|Customs Aid Exam.| ineligible |---|---|
[[/4 columned table]]

17. Are you now employed by the Federal Government?
Yes or No
(Branch of Service)

18. Give in the blanks below a detailed statement of your education, including dates:
(a) Grammar school: Attended from Sept. 1914. 1, to June [[1921?]]
Highest school year completed 
(b) High school: Name and location 
Morris H.S. B+ -
Attended from Sept 1922, 1, to June 1924 1 
Highest school year competed
2 yrs
Where you graduated? no

[[9 columned table]]
|(c) College or university (Give both graduate and undergraduate work) Name|
(c) College or university (Give both graduate and undergraduate work) Location| Dates of attendance (Give month and year) From-| Dates of attendance (Give month and year) To-|
Semester hours credit received | Major subject Name| Major subject Sem. hrs. in major| Degree received | Date of degree (Month and year)|

|Rhodes Prep School-|---|Sept - 1927-| to 1928|---|---|---|---|---|
[[/9 columned table]]

(d) State whether attendance at each school or college was part-time or full-time, and whether at day or evening classes 
Prep School Eves
(c) If the announcement of examination calls for the completion of specialized courses, either in high school, college, or graduate school, specify here required courses which you have completed and indicate the credits received for each course

19 (a). Furnish in the blanks below a complete, comprehensive statement, showing every employment you have had since you first began to work, including your present employment, and accounting for all periods of unemployment.

[[6 columned table]]
| Place of employment | Dates of employment (Month and year) | NAME, STREET ADDRESS, AND NATURE OF BUSINESS OR EMPLOYER | NAME, ADDRESS, AND TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR (Give street address, city, and State) | Yearly salary or yearly net earnings | NATURE OF YOUR DUTIES AND PAY-ROLL TITLE |

|1 City Phila State Pa | From Oct, 1938 To still Empl. 19 | Areo Service Corp 1612 Chavella St. | Virgil Kauffman Phila. Pa | 2000 | Pilot | 

|2 City Hightstown State N J. |From July 1938 To Oct 1938 | Bennett Air Srvc Flight Inst. | A. B. Bennett | 2000 | flight Inst. |

|3 City N. Y. State N. Y. | From May 1938 To July 1938 | General [[?]] Srv. 5 E. 57th St. | R. A. Jenkins Aerial Photo | 2000 | Pilot |

|4 City Farmingdale State L I. | From Feb 23/38 To Apr 30/38 | Seversky Aircraft Mfg Airplanes | mr. harding | 1500 | Mechanic |

|5 City N. Y. State N. Y. | From Nov 1, 1937 To Feb 21, 1938 | Brewster Aircraft Mfg. airplanes |  mr. G. Scivolve Brewster | 1500 | Mechanic |

|6 City N. Y. State N. Y. | From Apr., 1933 To Nov., 1937 | Self Flushing Airport | self - | 2000 | airplane Rep flight Inst |

|7 City N. Y. State N. Y. | From July, 1924 To Apr,, 1933 | U.S. [[laundry??]] 1735 St. Petes | I. Gitt 1569 Hone Ave | 1500 | Manager |

|8 City State | From 19, To 19, |---|---|---|---|

|9 City State | From 19, To 19, |---|---|---|---|

|10 City State | From 19, To 19, |---|---|---|---|
[[/6 columned table]]


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