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To All Members  -4-  October 15, 1942

in accordance with the contracts and placed at the bottom of the seniority list as of the date they go to work or as of their first flight and, in any event, they cannot be paid less than any other copilot.  All violations of the foregoing should be reported promptly to Headquarters.

There is one part of our Federal legislation with which every member should be thoroughly acquainted so that he will know his rights.  The carriers and their representative, Mr. Gorrell of the new ways of chiseling the pilots and copilots that they evidently have forgotten what is actually in the labor section of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 which is in full force and effect.  This section reads as follows:

"Sec. 401. (L) (1)  Every air carrier shall maintain rates of compensation, maximum hours, and other working conditions and relations of all of its pilots and copilots who are engaged in interstate air transportation within the continental United States (not including Alaska) so as to conform with decision numbered 83 made by the National labor board on May 10, 1934, notwithstanding any limitation therein as to the period of its effectiveness.

"(2)  Every air carrier shall maintain rates of compensation for all of its pilots and copilots who are engaged in overseas or foreign air transportation or air transportation wholly within a Territory or possession of the United States, the minimum of which will not be less, upon an annual basis, than the compensation required to be paid under said decision 83 for comparable service to pilots and copilots engaged in interstate air transportation within the continental United States (not including Alaska).

"(3)  Nothing herein contained shall be construed as restricting the right of any such pilots or copilots, or other employees, of any such air carrier to obtain by collective bargaining higher rates of compensation or more favorable working conditions or relations.

"(4)  It shall be a condition upon the holding of a certificate by any air carrier that such carrier shall comply with title II of the Railway Labor Act, as amended.

"(5)  The term "pilot" as used in this subsection shall mean an employee who is responsible for the manipulation of or who manipulates the flight controls of an aircraft while under way including take-off and landing of such aircraft, an employee any part of whose duty is to assist or relieve the pilot in such manipulation, and who is properly qualified to serve us, and holds a currently effective airman certificate authorizing him to serve as, such pilot or co-pilot."  (over)
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