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(5) 9876 ft+101.109 ft+77.007 ft+92.928 ft+60.768 ft=?
(6) 19.767+43.542+76.305+58.143+13.25+211.007. Answer.
(7) 11.1111 miles+66.667 miles+1.222 miles+125.125 miles+ 375.375 miles=?
(8) 79.908+202.202+62.501+.003594+75=418.614594 Answer.
(9) 7.8098+20.202+6.2501+000.3594+7.5=?
(10)78.808 yd+98.15 yd+760 yd+88199.76. yd=89136.718 yd
5. Subtraction.-a. Subtraction is the operation of finding the difference between two numbers. In order to subtract one number from another write the smaller number below the larger so that the decimal  points are in a vertical column. Beginning with the right column, subtract the figures in the larger number above them.
     Example: Subtract 765.3 from 986.7.
     Solution: 986.7
b. If however, the figure in the number being subtracted is larger than the figure directly above it, it is necessary to borrow one unit from the next figure to the left.
(1) Example Subtract 765.3 from 843.1.
Solution: ((Image))
(2) It is better to learn to do the "carrying over" mentally so that the preceding solution looks like this:
 77.8 Answer.
c. When a column has only one figure in it zeros must be supplied in the blank spaces.

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