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Colonial has offered to extend its experience and know-how to various communities in assisting them with their planning and development problems and to the numerous industrial concerns presently located hundreds of miles away from power centers, which are planning to resettle nearer the source of cheap hydro-electric power.

Additionally, Canada is now in the midst of the full development of its economic strength. It is a major source of uranium, nickel, magnesium, chromium, aluminum, titanium, pulp and paper-all vital to the joint economic development and defense mobilization. The gigantic investments involved in developing these sources of raw material, coupled with the huge outlays required to complete the Seaway, plus the enormous investments by private industry in relocating close to the source of cheap hydro-electric power, will inevitably change the industrial map of eastern Canada and northern New York State. In order to successfully complete all of this vast transition, modern economical air transportation on a large scale must go hand in hand with communications and cheap hydro-electric power.

It is Colonial's job to provide adequate transportation to this general area. In addition to providing adequate air service to the Seaway, modern air transportation must be provided for the personnel and material involved in the construction of towns, schools, churches, stores, and all of the other facilities of modern-day cities which will have to be built. Recognizing this, Colonial, several months ago, inaugurated the SEAWAY EXPRESS linking Massena-Cornwall, the center of the project, directly with New York- the financial and business center of the world and the principal gateway from the South and West, with Albany- the capital of the State of New York which is the administrative agent for all United States expenditures and with Ottawa- the capital of Canada and the seat of administration of all Canadian expenditures. 

[[image - diagram of the cities served by the SEAWAY EXPRESS airline. Route of the SEAWAY EXPRESS]]

The St. Lawrence Seaway will play an important part in the future of Colonial Airlines or its successor. Colonial is maintaining close liaison with the principal agencies and localities involved, so that plans can be made for the equipment and personnel required to adequately serve this area.

Colonial has a big job to do. It intends to keep pace with the Seaway project as it gains momentum and to provide service to the agencies which are constructing the Seaway and Power Development, to the industries which will be locating close to the source of cheap power and to the traveling public.