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the Company's proposal was a cut in pay all along the line. It also was a change in rules and working conditions. The Committee got together with the proposal of our Fact Finding Committee, mapped out its strategy and went to work. 
The Committee now drafted Bob Krasky as an alternate Copilot representative. The entire Committee now consisted of: 

Stew Macklin - First Pilot
Bob Silver - First Pilot
Herb Huston - Copilot
Bob Krasy - Alternate
Mike Gitt - Chairman

Meetings were again started with the Company on Sept. 22, 1948. Other meetings were held in November and December of 1948. As a result, the negotiations were stymied. The Contract Committee tried by one means or another to get the show back on the road. There followed a series of delays and procrastination, and finally on May 11, 1949, the Committee was successful in prevailing on Mr. Behncke to come to New York to talk to Mr. Janas, Sr. The following day, May 12, 1949, Mr. Behncke took the Committee Chairman into these conferences with Mr. Janas and Mr. Dykes, where a method was discussed for resuming negotiations as soon as possible. Regular contract negotiations were resumed May 19 and 20, conferences were again held June 28, 29, and 30. At this conference a memorandum of understanding relating to DC-4 operations for the July Fourth weekend was negotiated and signed. The contract was finally agreed to in the last series of conferences beginning July 21. Some more meetings were held with the Company in the middle of August, and on August 16, 1949 all the signatures were finally affixed. A complete report of this new contract is attached. There is also attached a copy of the Amendment to the System Board of Adjustment also signed August 16, 1949. 
The Committee spent over thirty days meeting with the Company on this contract since June 3, 1948. In addition, the Committee spent an equal amount of time in meeting with the Council and with Headquarters people, etc. 
The total time spent by the Committee in doing its job for the last three and a half years is estimated to be somewhere between 120 and 150 days or 4 to 5 months. 
The only expenses that this Committee has billed the Association for, is a minimum for telephone calls by the Chairman. 
The members of this Committee, due perhaps to their own personal enthusiasm and zeal to do their job expeditiously, have neglected to submit to the Association personal expense accounts. Future Contract Committee members should be advised to submit expense account regularly. They should not be required to stand any personal expense while doing Association work. 

The Contract Committee wishes to express its appreciation to the membership of Council #23 for their patience while the Committee was mapping out and steering a course over a route that was strewn with many pitfalls and stumbling blocks. There was many a dark moment
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