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from all duties with the Company. Paragraph (a) points out that any loss in total compensation or trips lost during school or qualifying period will be made up by the Company so that the total money received in any month by any regularly assigned First Pilot would be the same as if he were flying his regular schedule of 85 hours. It was not intended that a man should fly 85 hours and also do an additional number of hours of flying training so that the amount of time flown in any one month would be greater than 85 hours.

14.  Section 18 and 19 on pages 12 and 13 respectively is the same as in the old agreement. However, it has been revised and refined in language.   

15.  On page 15 Section 25 paragraph (c) provides a furloughed pilot with two weeks notice or two weeks furlough pay in lieu of such notice. It is also intended that a reasonable effort should be made by the Company to give a furloughed pilot adequate time off to get another job.

16.  Page 16 Section 27 is the same. It provides for copilot bidding on a Transoceanic Operation but it still does not provide for copilot bidding on the Domestic Operation. The Contract Committee argued long and loud and as forceably as it knew how to gain domestic copilot bidding privileges but all our efforts were in vain. However, the Committee does not feel that the force of its arguments is entirely lost because the Company is now clearly indicating it intends to assign copilots to duties by requesting the copilots whether or not they would like to assume the assignment. This is far better than what we had previously where the Company assigned copilots indiscriminately.

17.  Page 19 Section 38 indicates what happened to our old agreements and amendments and shows how they were incorporated in this present agreement.

Any additional questions on this agreement will be gladly answered by the Contract Committee at any Council meeting.

The Contract Committee, in offering this signed agreement to the Council, feels that the Colonial Airline pilots now have a new contract which is in keeping with the high caliber of the previous contract which have been so beneficial heretofor to the pilots of this Company.

Contract Committee

Michael Gitt, Chairman                    
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