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Airport Financial Statements. A vital need of airport management is the ability to present financial information concerning the airport in accordance with recognized business practice. In this connection the Civil Aeronautics Administration has designed two basic statements which will furnish the financial data most useful to the airport managers and owners. these are an Airport Statement of Income and Expense and an Airport Balance Sheet. Presented in this manual are recommended forms for these two financial statements, which are similar to those used in standard commercial practice, although they have been modified to meet the needs of airports effectively. The Statement of Income and Expense (Statement A) is to be used to reveal financial information about the operation of the airport during a given period. The Balance Sheet (Statement B) presents a picture of the financial condition of the airport at a given date. The use of these statements is recommended for all airports, and especially suggested for airports participating in the Federal Airport Act of 1946. 1948. 42 p. 15¢. Catalog No. C31.137:F 49

Career Opportunities for Graduate Veterinarians in the Bureau of Animal Industry. The purpose of this publication is to introduce to you as a student of veterinary medicine, as well as other interested persons, the Bureau of Animal Industry. This is an attempt to tell you in a few words something of the history, activities, organization, and accomplishments of the Bureau. It is also to acquaint you, in a forthright and unbiased manner, with the excellent opportunities for a career in veterinary medicine that exist within the Bureau. You will find in this publication an abundance of information of interest to you relating to the many advantages of Bureau employment. 1948. 18 p. il. 10¢.
Catalog No. A 1.38:671

Collective Bargaining Provisions, Leave of Absence, Military Service Leave. This is the sixth bulletin on the series on collective bargaining provisions. The bulletin consists of two chapters: (1) Leave of absence, and (2) Military service leave, and is based on an examination of collective bargaining agreements on file in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1948. 88p. 25¢.
Catalog No. L 2.3:908-6

Copyright Law of United States of America. The law listed here is Title 17 of United States Code, as codified and enacted into positive law by the Act of April 27, 1948. The former basic act was that of March 4, 1909, as amended, and the substance of that act is contained in the Act of July 30, 1947, with changes in form and in the numbering of the sections. 1948. 40p. 15¢. Catalog No. LC 3.3:14/948

Economic Report of President to Congress, Together With Report, Annual Economic Review by the Council of Economic Advisers, January 1949. Report on economic trends during 1948, goals and means of approaching them in 1949, and basic objectives of balanced economic growth. 1949. 140 p. il. 45¢.
Catalog No. Pr 33.10:949

Manual for Teaching Midwives. This manual was prepared to assist the nurse-midwife on the technical teaching and supervision which she gives to the practicing midwives who have not had any special training and preparation. It is written simply, with frequent use of colloquial terms so that the nurse-midwife will understand, the midwife who is without training and without formal education, who often can neither read nor write. Reprinted 1948. 139 p. il. 50¢. Catalog No. L 5.20:260

Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1947. List of vessels of the United States belonging to the commercial marine, specifying the official number, signal letters, name, rig, tonnage, homeport, and place and date of building of such vessel. All vessels are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of rig of whether such vessels are used in commercial employment of exclusively for pleasure. 1948. 831 p. Cloth, $5.00. Catalog No. T 17.2:V 63/947

Outlook for Women in Architecture and Engineering. Description of the outlook for women in architecture and engineering which has been prepared as a part of a study on the outlook of women in science. The everyday story of where these women work, what kind of work they are doing, and of what other young women who join their ranks in the future may do has been the subject of this report. Unlike the usual monograph which describes an occupation in detail at a particular point in time, this study is concerned primarily with changes in trends. 1948. 88 p. il. 25¢.
Catalog No. L 13.3:223-5

Physician in the U.S. Public Health Service. A career in public health offers many opportunities for the physician, the medical student, and for all you men and women who seek rewarding futures in a growing field. The pamphlet answers some of the questions a physician thinking of entering the Public Health Service would ask. 1948. 24 p. il. 15¢. Catalog No. FS 2.2:P 56-948

Preserving Cotton Fabrics in Outdoor Use. This circular gives information about the properties, selection, and care of cotton duck and lighter fabrics for farm use and describes the preparation and application of several treatments that have been found to give effective protection to such fabrics when they are exposed to weather. 1948. 17 p. il. 10¢.
Catalog No. A 1.4/2:790

Procedure in Sealing and Unsealing Mine Fires and in Recovery Operations Following Mine Explosions. Discusses organization, equipment and materials, and procedure in fighting, sealing, and unsealing mine fires, and in recovery operations following explosions; a practice problem for recovery procedure is also included. To be used in a course of training that will prepare mine officials to organize men for rescue and recovery work. Rev. 1948. 84 p. 30¢ Catalog No. I 28.6:36/2


Highway Statistics, 1945. Presents the 1945 series of statistical and analytical tables of general interest on the subjects of motor-fuel consumption, motor-vehicle registration, State highway-user taxes, financing of State highways, and Highway mileage. 1947. 75 p. 35¢.
Catalog No. FW 2.2:H 53/7/945

--Highway Statistics, Summary to 1945. Presents in convenient form, historical information of general interest on the subjects of motor fuel, motor vehicles, highway-user taxation, highway finance, and mileage. 1947. 97 p. 40¢. Catalog No. FW 2.2:H 53/8

Lecture Series in Nuclear Physics. A compilation of sic series of lectured relating to nuclear physics, prepared by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. This series covers the general subjects of terminology, radioactivity, neutron physics, two-body problem, the statistical theory of nuclear reaction, and diffusion theory. 1947. 132 p. il. 55¢. Catalog No. Y 3.At 7:8/1175
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