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Charles H. Ruby -- President
Dick O'Neill ----- First Vice-President
S. G. Gondek ----- Secretary
S. J. Devine ----- Treasurer

H. F. Clark ------ Region I
W. T. Babbitt ---- Region II
A. B. Currie ----- Region III
M. E. Austin ----- Region IV
H. B. Anders ----- Region V


PUBLISHED MONTHLY by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, Affiliated with A. F. of L. - C.I.O. Publications offices: 55th Street and Cicero Avenue, Chicago 38, Illinois. POrtsmouth 7-1400.

ADVERTISING appearing in this magazine cannot be construed as being an endorsement by Air Line Pilots Association or The Air Line Pilot.

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Copyright 1964, by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, Chicago, Illinois.
Entered as Second-cass [[class]] matter at the Post Office at Chicago, Illinois, and additional mailing offices.
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February 1964
Volume 33, Number 2

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The Magazine of the Flight Crews


ALPA PLANS FOR THE FUTURE -----------------------------------------  3
A projection of the Association's membership showing
the number of retirements that can be expected in future years.

FLIGHT RECORDER REPORT --------------------------------------------  4
The Association's most experienced representative 
in the analysis of flight recorder data offers comments
on this valuable instrument.

THE ALPA CAMERA --------------------------------------------------- 10
Some highlights and sidelights of the news and 
ALPA presented through pictures.

KITTY HAWK REVISITED ---------------------------------------------- 11
THE AIR LINE PILOT takes a look back in history
 to the beginning of powered flight.

HAZY? ------------------------------------------------------------- 14
Know the difference betwee smoke and haze? 
This author does and he tells why an accurate 
reporting of each is important.

IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU SIT... -------------------------------- 17
Want to know what your partner in the air is thinking? 
Perhaps these thoughts in verse from "The Captain" and
 "The Co-Pilot" will shed some light on the matter.

THE BRIEFING ------------------------------------------------------ 18
A digest of news from the aviation industry.

On The Cover This Month
On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made their historic flight from the sands at Kitty Hawk. This month's cover shows an artist concept of the Wright's flying their glider kite from which they gained the valuable knowledge that made the first powered flight possible (See story on page 11.)

[[image - drawing of the Wright's flying their glider kite]]

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