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Dear Mr
In reference to my telephone conversation with you about a week ago - regarding a petition [[strikethrough]] that was [[/strikethrough]] for Air Safety that was to be circulated for signatures, the people the sponsor sponsoring this idea, have suddenly called a halt to the project. This movement was stopped so suddenly and the information "why" so meager, that I have no further details to pass on to you. Should I learn anything further will pass it on to you.

Thank you for your cooperation, and with kind regards - I am

Sincerely yours

x Mr. R. Ralston - 214 Parkside Dr. Roslem Htgs.
x Mr. B. Macklin - 33-14-204 ST, Bayside.
Yonkers x Mr R Silver - 113 Price St Garden City.
5-2795 x Mr J. Columbo 496 Warburton Ave, Yonkers
x Mr C. Robbins 536 Nasau Bld W. Hemp.
Hebs 15-73258. E. Wood 40 Spindle Rd Levitt [[strikethrough]] 187 Howard Rd - Levitt [[\strikethrough]]
x G. Jonas 12 Deerfield Rd - Pt Wash
x J. Rugio = 19-54 - 81st ST Jkson Hts
x W. Brown 11 Rolling Lane - Levittown
Nomak - 41 Dona Way - Saddle River
x L. Whitaker - 189-02- 64 Ave Flushing
Wangton 2 5239 W. Corson - [[strikethrough]] 8 Bomster Rd - Levit [[\strikethrough]] 1718 Duck Pd Road Levitt