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[[cutoff]]ARY WINS
[[cutoff]]CLOSE BATTLE

Lynchburg, Va. Oct. 10--Defying the unpleasant stare of what appeared to be a scoreless game, the Seminary Deacons came back in the final period of their encounter here today with Hampton Institute and with a place-kick secured the single score of the afternoon.

Captain Melvin Whedbee piloted his faithful warriors through the storm and at the end of the game presented them with a highly coveted reward--one which came by the singular accuracy of Brown's toe. 
Hampton had kicked out to her 35 yard line. Whedbee signaled for a fair catch. Only three minutes remained for play, and Whedbee elected to attempt a place kick from the spot on which he caught the ball. This was Seminary's last hope for a victory; action then counted tremendously toward the outcome of the battle. Brown drew back a bit, limbered up his leg, and sent the pigskin twirling into the air. Each turn it made in its course spelled grim defeat for the Seasiders, and when it sunk behind the center of the goal posts the little handful of Hampton supporters saw their last spark of hope die away.

Although unable to pierce the impregnable defense offered by the Deacons in crucial moments, Hampton did manage to get the ball down within the shadow of the goal posts on several occasions, but each time her most vicious efforts were turned into mere threats.

Seminary rooters made a joyous outburst when it  was found that "Wild Man" Lee, running true to his name, had carried a picked-up fumble 70 yards in vain. The referee had blown his whistle just as the fumble was made.

Seminary Scores

In the fourth period the Seasiders fought nobly against the wind and with their back to the wall. Seminary had made frequent gains and first downs thru the Hampton defense in the middle of the field, but was unable to scale the insurmountable stone-wall line that they always found when a touchdown looked closest. With only three minutes left to play. Whedbee sensed the defiance in Hampton's line and knew that action then would count. He signalled for a fair catch of Hampton's punt on her 35 yard line. Here the Deacons' sturdy back and stellar toe artist, Brown, performed his seemingly miraculously feat, and took Seminary's first football game from Hampton.

Lee, in tackle, and Williams in full, furnished many brilliant plays and thrills for the Hamptonians. Whedbee with his precisive headwork and diamond generalship, together with Perry and his steady ground-gaining plays, were the out-

Football Results
Petersburg, Va. --------- V.N.I.I. 12; St. Paul School 0
Atlanta, Ga. ------- Morehouse College 7; Fisk Uni. 6
Columbus, O. ------ Wilberforce 3; West Va. Inst. 2
Hampton, Va. ------ Hampton Inst. 12; Union University 0
Washington, D.C. ------ Howard University 32; Lincoln 0
Greensboro, N.C. ------ A. and T. College 13; Shaw Uni. 7
Augusta, Ga. ------ Paine College 63; Harbison College 0
Orangeburg, S.C. ------ S.C. State College 13; Allen Uni. 0
Laurinburg, N.C. ------Laurinburg Inst. 20; Coultier School 0
Austin Teras ------ Samuel Houston College 25; Bishop College 0
Salisbury, N.C. ------ J.C. Smith College 13; Livingston 0
Orangeburg, S.C. ------Claflin 16; Benedict College 6
Tuskegee, Ala. ------ Tuskegee Institute 23; Southern Uni. 0

Hampton Defeats Union And Wins C.I.A.A. Title

Hampton Institute, Va.- The Big blue and White Machine of Hampton Institute marched victoriously over the Union University Pawing Panthers before a throng of 5000 on Armstrong Field for a score of 12-0, which makes them champions of the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association, possessors of the Frank Young Trophy and possessors of the Slaughter Trophy. The game was full of thrills and excitement from start to finish. The battle was savage and clean, fought with unremitting fierceness, minus any show of rancor. Both teams showed magnificent spirit and the ablest form of coaching, as they swayed back and forth between the two 20 yard lines. The teams were so evenly balanced and the defensive strength of them so pronounced that yardage could be bought only at a heavy price and extreme effort.

Hampton, however, had a little edge on the Red and Steel Eleven by virtue of the fact that the backfield jabbed Union for frequent first downs numbering 13 to 3. The game was played by Hampton without a single substitution while Union made 12 changes. The Red and Steel backfield was swift as lightning, but Hampton's forward wall seemed to sift through and break up plays at will. There were two dangerous fumbles made by Byrd of Hampton in receiving Breaux's punts that put Hampton in a dangerous position. Each time Breaux failed to kick for a field goal.


The first score of the battle came in the second quarter when Hampton was held for downs on the 2 yard line and Union was forced to kick after receiving the ball. Breaux was to kick the ball out from behind the goal posts, but in kicking he stepped outside of the end zone, thus counting a safety for Hamp [[cutoff]] Union kicked off to Hampton after that and then Hampton returned the punt. Union got possession of the ball and was forced to kick. They kicked short enough to allow Baker to dropkick from the 40-yard line. Thatcher, playing his last game of football for the Blue and White, covered himself with glory as he hit the line for first downs. The Unionites covered Bulldog Williams up so that he could not get loose, but Thatcher could make gains almost at will. Baker's kicking was uncanny at all times throughout the fray.


Leaving his place on the line and moving into the backfield, "Wild Man" Lee drove through the line from fullback's position for a clean cut 10 yards and a touchdown in the third quarter. It was a spectacle worth seeing, as his huge, bulky form sped through the line of scrimmage. A great yell and howl came from the Seaside grandstand and then it died down enough to allow Baker to toe the extra point through the bars.

The Union Pawing Panthers, however, were not without stars, for Breaux and Shields in the backfield were constant menaces. Breaux's punting was good, and Shields was always a good ground gainer. Capt. Tobin and Ruffin on the line were bulwarks of strength.

HAMPTON 12        UNION 0
McGowan ---L.E.--- Gardner
Lee. Capt.--L.T.--- Ruffin
Robinson---L.G.--- Anderson
Munday-----C------ Tobin
Banks -----R.C.--- Ridley
Ruffin ----R.T.--- Watts
Davis -----R.F.--- Booth
Byrd ------Q.----- Breaux
Williams --L.H.--- Thompson
Baker -----R.H.--- Shields
Thatcher --F.B.--- McFarland

Score by Quarters
Hampton    0 5 7 0-12
Union      0 0 0 0-0
First Downs: Hampton 14, Union 3
Penalties-Hampton 15 yards, Union 10 yards.
Referee- J. Trigg (Syracuse), C.F. Pinderhughes, Umpire, (Howard). Head Linesman- Benjamin Washington, Howard. 


Washington School Wins the Inter-collegiate Colored Championship For Year 1923.

Presenting a well-directed offensive, which actually swept their opponents off their feet at times, the Howard University football eleven led by Doneghy, their fleet halfback and captain, sent the Hampton Institute eleven down to a 19 to 6 defeat in a contest staged on the Institute field yesterday afternoon, and incidentally all hopes that the Hampton Institute followers had for claiming the championship of the Colored Inter-scholastic association were dashed to pieces, when the Howard eleven rolled up a 13 point margin of victory over the Institute players. 

The Howard eleven clearly outplayed their somewhat lighter opponents and the Hampton Institute squad was unable to stop the versatile attack, which included end runs and off tackle plays, with Doneghy, the fast right halfback on the visiting eleven, carrying the ball for the longest gains staged by the Howard eleven.

The Institute eleven lacked the necessary offensive power to gain through the stone wall defense presented by the Howard line, as is clearly evidenced by the fact that Hampton Institute eleven succeeded in making only two first down during the contest outside of the penalties against the Howard team.

After battling to a nothing to nothing tie in the initial frame, although Howard had the best of the period from a ground gaining standpoint, the visiting eleven came back in the second period and scored, on a play that [[interrupter]] ton, in which they will conduct services every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 p. m. 
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.[[interrupter]] Proved to be a serious "break" of the game for Hampton Institute. Howard had the ball midfield and after failing to gain kicked to Hampton Institute on their own 36 yard line. After one plunge at the line which netted them nothing. Jacobs, the Institute back, fumbled, and Long, the left end on the Howard team grabbed the ball out of the air and carried it to Hampton's 20-yard line before he was downed. Doneghy then scored on the first play on a long run around right end. He also kicked goal for the extra point. 
Taking the ball on Howard's 45 yard, a pass Hargrove to Jones for the seven yards and a 15 yard penalty against Howard gave the Institute eleven the ball on their opponents 24 yard line. Williams and Hargrove plunged through the line for a first down. After Williams and Hargrove had failed to pierce the line a neatly executed pass Hargrove to Jacobs resulted in a 15-yard gain and the first score for Hampton Institute. Gunn failed to guick goal.

Neither eleven could push across a tally in the third period, but when the whistle ended the quarter Howard, had the ball on the 11 yard line. A 21 yard run by Doneghy placing it there. 

Line plunges by Payton and Doneghy resulted in a first down and Blackman, the Howard quarterback, carried the ball over for the second touchdown from the one yard mark in the fourth period. Doneghy failed to kick goal.

Taking the ball on Institute's 47 yard line, Doneghy clipped off three runs of seven, 12 and 25 yard gains, respectively, with the assistance of a five yard gain by Payton, which placed the ball on Hampton's three yard line. Doneghy then carried the ball across for the final score, but failed to kick the goal. 

The game ended just as one of the Howard players recovered a blocked kick on his own 40 yard line. 

A large sized crowd, including a large band of rooters from each school and three bands, witnessed the contest, which was hard fought, and unusually cleanly played, very few penalties being inflicted on either side.


Hward 19   Pos.   H. N. I. 6
Long ------ A. Ruffin
Left End
Smith ------ J. Ruffin
Left Tackle
Kelly ------ Butler
Left Guard
Priestly ------ Pindle
Anderson ------ T. J. Coleman
Right Guard
Doakes ------ T. T. Coleman
Right Tackle
Williams ------ Jones
Right End
Blackman ------ Jacobs
Doneghy ------ Hardwick
Right Halfback
Payton ------ Williams
Contee ------ Gunn
Left Halfback

Summary: Touchdown, Doneghy 2, Blackman, Jacobs. Point after touchdown, Doneghy. Substitutes, Hargrove for Hardwick, Taylor for Smith, Banks for T.J. Coleman, Davis for Jones, Cardoza for Gunn. Time of periods, 15 minutse. Referee, Lew. (Mass. Aggies). Umpire, Douglas (Harvard). Head linesman, Washington (Howard). 

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