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Badger R. C.
County Recorder 

Raleigh No. Car.
September 3rd 1866

On behalf of the County Officers to whom Lt. T. D. McAlpine has refered the order of the War Department concerning the cessation on the 1st of Oct next of the issuing of rations to indigent blacks, replys that according to the laws of N.C. all indigent poor persons are to be cared for by the Counties in which they are respectively settled; and it is made the duty of the Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions of the various Counties to levy taxes for their support; this Court has just held a session in the County of Wake and will not hold another until the third Monday in November next, and the bounty of the Gen'l Government have supplied the wants of the Freed-poor, and their was such wide spread poverty in the community the Court was as sparing as possible in the levy of taxes, no provision has been made to meet this unexpected order turning over this class of people, and it will be impossible to have any appropriation made for their support until the next term of the Court. But the Wordeens of the poor will do the best they can under the circumstances to maintain such of these persons as have a proper settlement in this County. They call attention to the fact that a large number of this class of persons have a settlement in other Counties in the State and who cannot call on the officers of this County for relief and unless they are conveyed to their proper Counties they will be put to great suffering. In order to get a settlement it is necessary to have a residence in a County of one year and if any pauper leaves the County of his residence and goes to another: it is made the duty of the Wordeens of the poor to have him sent back to the County of his settlement.

The Wordeens of the poor of this County have had no control over these people to send them back to their proper Counties and that this being the case they the Freedpoor have not gained a residence in this County - they were here in a Military capacity and not residents any more than the Soldiers of the army of the U.S. Soldiers in service Lunatics in Asylums &c gain no residence by settlement; and it is held that the same applies to those who have been brought here by the Gen'l Government under no control of the County officers. The Wordeens of the poor feel they will be overtaxed to supply the wants of their own poor - and they have not the means if they had the power to relieve those who have come here without a proper settlement - and as they have not the means to send them

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