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to their proper counties, they think the power which brought them here or sustains them being here, should distribute them to their proper counties. The Wardeens of the poor will make such arrangement for the relief of the poor [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] as the scarcity of funds will admits.

Would like to be furnished with a list of those who have a proper settlement in Wake Co. The Wardeens of the poor held a meeting in this city (Raleigh) and finding that the funds for the support of the poor about to be turned over are inadequate.

Respectfully suggest that the order turning over this class of persons be altered to take effect the 1st of Jan 1867

Respectfully forwarded to Col A. G. Bready Supt Central District N.C.

Although I have no definite instructions to forward information of this kind, yet I take it upon myself to do so for the reason that I deem it of the last importance that the facts contained herein should be reported. Unless the old, the blind, and the cripples among these people receive aid from some source they will die of starvation, and by forwarding this paper I will "shift" from myself all responsibility for any suffering that may occur among these people after the General Government shall have ceased to issue them rations

McAlpine T. D.
Lieut V.R.C. and Asst. Supt.

Bureau R.F. & A.L.
Office Asst. Supt. Sub. Dist. Raleigh 

McAlpine T.D.
Lieut V.R.C. and Asst. Supt.

Bureau R.F & AL Sub. Dist. Raleigh
Office Asst. Supt. Sept 14" /66

Requests that transportation be furnished Margaret Downey (Freedwoman) from Raleigh N.C. to Petersburg Va

Respectfully returned to Lt T. D. McAlpine. The simple statement of this woman will not procure transportation. Proof must be had that her statement is true. The attention of Lieut. McAlpine is particularly called to the requirements of Circular No 7 dated Hd. Qrs. Asst Comr Raleigh N.C. July 12" 1866. It is the duty of Asst. Supt. when they make application for transportation for Freed people to state whether they have properly investigated the wants of the applicant, and the necessity for the transportation, and to so state it in the application and not simply "request".

Office Supt Central Dist BRF & AL Raleigh N.C. Sept 15

Signed A. G. Bready
Bvt Col and Supt


McAlpine T. D.
Lieut and Asst. Supt.

B.R.F and A L.
Office Asst. Supt. Sub. Dist. Raleigh
Raleigh Sept 7" 1866

Reports that Freedman named Edward Robertson reported to him he could not collect his wages from Patrick Spencer. Refered the case to the Civil Authorities. Freedman now reports to him that owing to some quibble in the law the proceedings have been stayed for eight months. Further states that he (the Freedman) is in distressing need of the money and claims that under Gen'l Orders No 5 Hd. Qrs. Asst Comr. C.S. the Bureau can take cognizance of his case. Asks for instructions. Encloses evidence that the proceedings were stayed.

Respectfully refered to the Asst Comr. for his action - This clearly a case which will not admit of delay - especially the delay of "eight months" caused by the Civil Authorities in this case - The Freedman is destitute and will be subjected to suffering unless this case can be adjudicated by the Bureau as heretofore.

Office Supt Central District
B.R.F and A.L. Raleigh Sept 8"/66

Signed A. G. Bready
Bvt. Col. and Supt.

Respectfully returned to Bvt. Col. A. G. Bready Supt Central District N.C. who will instruct Lieut. T.D. McAlpine to adjudicate the case under the provision of General Orders No. 5. dated Hd. Qrs. Asst Comr. N.C. August 8" 1866

Bureau R.F. and A.L.
Hd. Qrs. Asst. Comr. N.C.
Raleigh N.C. Sept 12" 1866

By order of
Bvt. Maj. Gen Robinson
signed A. Coats
1 Lt V.R.C. and A.A.A.G.

Respectfully returned to Lieut McAlpine Asst. Supt. Sub-Dist. of Raleigh, who will summons the parties to this case to appear before him and will adjudicate the case under judgement and enforce the collection of the same - As the collection of the judgement rendered by the Civil Court has been unnecessarily delayed to the great damage of the Freedman full jurisdiction in the collection of the claim will be assumed by you irrespective of any action by the Civil Authorities - which jurisdiction is guaranteed by the provisions of Genl. Orders No 5 dated Hd. Qrs. Asst Comr N.C. August 8" 1866

Office Supt. Central District
B.R.F and A.L. Raleigh Sept 12" 1866

Signed A. G. Bready
Bvt. Col. and Supt.
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