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the articles mentioned be sent to her.

Respectfully refund to Bvt Maj. Genl. J. C. Robinson Asst Comr for N. C., for investigation: If the facts are as stated within he will please cause compliance with the request of this lady.
By order of
Maj Genl Howard Comr.
Signed Saml Thomas
A. A. A. Genl.

War Department
Bureau of R.F. and A.L.
Washington Nov 14. 1866

Respectfully returned to Lieut T. D. McAlpine Asst. Supt. (thro' Col. M Cogswell Supt) for compliance with endorsement of Bureau of 14th inst. Papers to be returned with report of action
By order of
Col. J V Bomford
Actg. Asst. Comr
Signed Jacob F Chur
Bvt. Lieut Col and A.A.A.G.

Bureau of R.F. and A.L.
Hd. Qrs. Asst. Comr.
Raleigh Nov. 17. 1866

Respectfully returned to Bvt Lieut. Col. Jacob F. Chur. A.A.A.G. (through Bvt. Col M. Cogswell Actg Supt. Central District). As I was with Ga. I have most of the time for two days before he died and as I was with him when he died I was present when the inventory of his personal effects (returned by the regulations]] was taken by Col. Brady, I am prepared therefore without any further investigation to report that the statement "that a watch, portrait and various other articles (the property of Dr Chase) have been taken possession of without authority by a girl named Annie Day is empty and ungratefully false. This girl (Annie Day) is a colored nurse who attended the Doctor in his last sickness with unvarying faithfulness


and devotion - and a few days before he died he gave her (in the presence of a witness who afterwards justified to the fact before Col. Brady and myself) a silver watch valued at about ten or fifteen dollars as an acknowledgement of her services  He also about the same time gave a valuable photograph album to this same Steward Schotel who assures Miss Smith that these things were taken by Annie Day without authority &c.  To shout how utterly groundless is the statement that this colored muse 'took possession of any of Dr Chase's property without authority" I will state that at the time the Doctor died, he had in his possession between four and five hundred dollars in U.S. Currency This was known but to two persons in the Stat of N. C. - and this colored muse was one of them. She, instead of taking possession of it, as she could easily have done, came to me some four or five minutes after the Doctor died, told me about the money and requested me to take possession of it in behalf of the relatives of the Doctor. By her faithfulness and devotion to Dr. Chase she has not only earned the watch which he gave her but is also entitled to the everlasting gratitude of all his friends and relatives his betrothed included. All of Dr. Chase's personal effects are (in the absence of the office who took the inventory) in my possession and will be forwarded to the relatives as soon as they send the proper affidavits.
Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Hd. Qrs. Sub-Dist. Raleigh
Raleigh N.C. Nov 1866

T D McAlpine
Lieut V.R.C. and Asst. Supt.
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