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His Majesty's Ship Comus Sheerness

[[5 Column Table]]
| Weeks days. | No of Days | Winds | No. of Sig's | Remarks & Occurrences|

| Wednesday | 12th | W.S.W. |   | AM/.  Fine Weather Boatswain with a party employed at the docky and fitting the Rigging PM/. Fine weather. Artificers employed variously Midt. Strong Breezes |

| Thursday | 13th | W.S.W. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes and cloudy weather Employed about the rigging and stowing the iron ballast. Jamed the ship Mr. Douglas Master. PM/. Fine Weather employed as above Mid./ Strong breezes. |

| Friday | 14th | West |   | AM/. Fresh Breezes and cloudy Unmoored ship and hauled alongside the Sheerhulk. Got the lower masts and Bows put in PM/. Strong breezes with Rain Hauled to the moorings and took in the Bridles Midnight Fresh Breezes and cloudy. |

| Saturday | 15th | W.S.W. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes and fine Wr. Got the lower rigging over the masts Heads. Artificers employed as requested PM/. Fresh breezes and fine Wr. Employed setting up the Lower Rigging. Got the Fore and main Tops over the Mast Heads. Employed stowing the GCold Midt. Fresh breezes and fine Wr.|

| Sunday | 16th | W.S.W. |   | AM/. Moderate and cloudy Weather Mustered Ships Company by the Ships Books. PM/. Moderate and cloudy. Af. Midnight Fresh breezes and cloudy.|

His Majestys Ship Comus Sheerness

[[5 Column Table]]
| Week days. | Mth Days | Winds | No of Sigs | Remarks & Occurrences |

| Monday | 17th | West. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes &Cloudy. came alongside the ballast lighter with 40 tons of Iron Ballast. Employ'd clearing her. PM/. Fresh breezes &Cloudy. Employ'd as above. Recd 250 gallon of Beer.
.Mid't Fresh breezes &Cloudy.|

| Tuesday | 18th | W.N.W. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes & Cloudy.  with rain recd. beer from the Lancaster Employed stowing iron ballast and otherwise as requisite recd. a party of men from the Naueser. PM/. Fresh breezes & Cloudy.  with rain. Employed as above. Midt. Fresh breezes & Cloudy.  with rain.|

| Wednesday| 19th| W.N.W.|   | AM/. Fresh breezes & clear. fidded topmasts setting up the Rigging. Artificers employ'd Variously. recd fresh beef. PM/. Fresh breezes & clear. Employ'd about the rigging. Midt. Mosttr & Cloudy.|

| Thursday| 20th| W.S.W.|   | AM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. Employed about the rigging. Received provisions Pr Lighter PM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. employed getting the lower yards up & setting the topmast rigging up. Midt. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy.|

| Friday| 21st| W.N.W.|   |AM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy. Employed about the rigging. Artificers employed about the  Magazine. PM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. up Top Gallant Masts. Midt. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy.|

| Saturday| 22d| W.N.W.|   | AM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. Employed rattling the rigging. Artificers employed variously. Recd provisions pr. launch. PM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. employ'd as above. Midt. Moderate & Cloudy.|

| Sunday| 23d| Westerly|   | AM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy. Mustered Ship's Company by the Ship's Books. PM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy. Employed as mast requisite. Midt. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy.|

| Monday | 24th| WNW |  | AM/. Fresh breezes &Cloudy. Employed stowing the Hold.. Recd Provisions and water. PM/. Fresh breezes & Cloudy. Employ'd as above Warrant officers at the dock yard drawing Stores. recd 30 tons of water Midt. Strong breeses &Clear

| Tuesday | 25th| N.N.E.|   | AM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy. Employed about the rigging and hold. Recd. Cables and Provisions Noon Fresh breeses & Cloudy. PM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy. Employed as above. Midt. Fresh breeses & Cloudy.|

Transcription Notes:
AM/. PM/. and Mid't - three different times during the day the weather was reported and remarks about the ship and what was going on. D^o W'r = Same Weather "Sheerness" -where the boat was from in England. It was repaired and restocked here.