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Latta, J.W.|Chickasaw|Ada, Okla.
Looney, Eula A.|Chickasaw|618 N.W. 15th, Okla, City
Massey, Joseph Overton|Chickasaw| Kingkade Hotel, Okla. City
[[blue dash, grey x mark, left margin]] Maytubby, Floyd|Chickasaw|1905 Apco Tower, Okla. City [[grey checkmark]]
Maytubby, S.W.|Chickasaw|Macomb, Oklahoma
McMorries, Alice (Mrs.)|Chickasaw|Concho, Okla.
Perry|Chickasaw|929 W. Calif., Okla. City
Powers, Van Noy|Chickasaw|Madill, Okla.
Rascoe, Darrell H. (Mrs.)|Chickasaw|620 W. 31st, Okla. City
[[blue dash, grey x mark, left margin]] Rice, Alice Burney|Chickasaw|Box 469, Madill, Okla. [[grey checkmark]]
Short, Helen|Chickasaw|130 W. Seventh, Okla. City
Short, W. W.|Chickasaw|Davis, Okla.
Smith, Juanita Johnston (Mrs.)|Chickasaw|322 1/2 N. E. 13th, Okla. City
Smith, Morris B.|Chickasaw|Rt. 3, Blanchard, Okla.
Stewart, E. C.|Chickasaw|421 Southwest 28th, Okla. City
Tate, Juanita (Mrs.)|Chickasaw|Ardmore, Okla.
Taylor, Alice M.|Chickasaw|905 E. Park, Okla. City
Turner, E.B.|Chickasaw|325 S.E. 16th, Okla. City
Turner, Laura(Mrs.)|Chickasaw|309 1/2 W. Park, Okla. City
Watkins, James|Chickasaw|Box 433, Ardmore, Okla.
Welch, Judge Earl|Chickasaw|State Capitol, Okla. City
Welch, Jim|Chickasaw|Corporation Commission, Okla. City

Burns, Mark L.|Chippewa|Minneapolis, Minn. (no street given)
[[blue dash, grey x mark, left margin]] Jackson, Willis|Chippewa|Mt. Pleasant, Michigan [[grey checkmark]]
LaMotte, Lloyd |Chippewa|26 N.E. 8th, Okla. City
[[blue dash, grey x mark, left margin]] Morrison, Dan R. Sr.|Chippewa|2528 N. 10th, Milwaukee, Wisc. [[grey checkmark]]
Rogers, Edward L.|Chippewa|Walker, Minn.
Simonds, Elmer B.|Chippewa|Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Strong, James|Chippewa|Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Attockni, Albert|Commanche|Apache, Okla.
Komah, Amos Rev .|Commanche| Bethany, Okla.
Komah, Rose|Commanche|Bethany, Okla.
Koweda, Felix|Commanche|Indiahoma, Okla.
Looking-Glass, Henry W.|Commanche|Kiowa Agency, Anadarko, Okla.
Motah, Lee|Commanche|Lawton, Okla.
[[blue dash, grey x mark, left margin]] Parker, White|Commanche|Ponca City, Okla. [[grey checkmark]]
Titchyy, Cecil|Commanche|124 N.E. 10th, Okla. City
Watchetaker, George S.|Commanche|Lawton, Okla

Burgess, B.C.| Creek|1437 N.E. 11th, Okla. City
[[blue dash, grey circle,left margin]] Canard, Roly|Creek|Wetumka, Okla. [[grey checkmark]]
Childers, C.W.|Creek|Concho, Okla
Davis, John|Creek|Okemah, Okla.
Harjo, Newman|Creek-Seminole| Route 4, Holdenville, Okla.
Jacobs, Becky|Creek|1606 Linden, Okla. City.
Riley, Earl|Creek|Bacone College, Bacone, Okla.
Spaniard, Alice|Creek|Gen. Del., Holdenville, Okla.

Bolen, Harry O.|Delaware|R.R. 4, Box 523-A, Okla. City
Doles, Pearl|Delaware-Osage|903 S.W. 4th, Okla. City
Garrett, Minnie A.(Mrs.)|Delaware-|Concho, Okla.
Thomas, Willie|Delaware|Anadarko, Okla.
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