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Earl Riley, Creek Bacone
Elmer Wilson, Mescalero, New Mexico
McDonald, Choc, OC
Earl Welch, Cheetaw, Antlers, Chickasaw
Floyd Maytubby, Chickasaw, OC
Muriel Wright, Choc, OC
Campbell LeFlore, Choctaw, A oka
Powers, Chickasaw

W. W. Short, Chick, Davis
Rev. White Parker, Comanche, Ponca City
Mrs. W. W. Short, Chick, Davis
Paul            , Quapawtribe,
Victor Griffib, Quapaw
Mrs. A. E. Perry, Choc, OC
Leslie Hawks, Cheyenne
John Fletcher, Cheyenne, Clinton
Cynthis McDonald, Ponca tribe
Alice Bray, Sioux, OC
Mrs. N. B. Johnson (Judge said she was inter-married)
Thomas K. Oliver
Dennis Bushyhead

Judge Johnson announced that Ben Dwight would make a few remarks.

Ben Dwight: I might say this: that inasmuch as I have had considerable to do here arranging details of this convention, it is not only heartening but gratifying to me to see that Indian people from all over the United States have answered President Johnson's call. There are a number of delegates that are yet to arrive this afternoon, tonight and in the morning. From the communications that we have had, I think that every Indian state in the Nation will be represented at this Convention. You are to be here until Saturday noon. All of those who can, will find it worthwhile becauze as this meeting moves along, it will not only be more interesting but probably consierably more livelier than it is this afternoon. I want to say this about hotel reservations: every Indian should register. From the registration list, we will finally make up our record. We need to know who you are, what tribe you represent. We have a number of rooms set aside at different hotels here in Oklahoma City and we hope that everybody, if you have not already gotten a room, will see the lady at the desk before you leave. Do this as soon as you leave this meeting, and you will be assigned a hotel room. As soon as this session adjourns this afternoon, you should go to the hotel and claim a room. Tell them that you are here for the NCAI and I feel that you will have no difficulty in getting a room for the rest of this convention under these circumstances. Those of you who have not gotten your programs yet, will find that there is an additional supply of the programs at the desk. There are two types of programs, the plain, which will, of course, be given to you without any cost. Then we have the one with the interesting and beautiful design on it with a number of things in addition to the program carried in the folder. We are arranging to charge $1 for that program. You do not have to pay that at all. There is a free one without the print of the front. Those of you who are strangers in Oklahoma City wonder about transportation out to the Capitol, etc, etv and the street car will let you off at the east entrance of the Capitol. There is a cafeteria in the basement of the Capitol. Also there are two or three places across 23rd street, if you prefer to go there for your noon luncheon. Tomorrow night, at the Biltmore hotel, there will be a banquet, entertainment and dance. At that time, the NCAI will recognize the outstanding friend of the Indians for this fiscal year, 1945-'46. There will be other ceremony at the banquet. The food will be worthwhile, and the entertainment and dance after the banquet. The out-of-State delegates will not have to pay for their banquet ticket. The Oklahoma people will be asked
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