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Fort Belknap Agency,
Harlem, Montana
February 19, 1946

Dear Ben:

Naturally I have been rather on edge the last two weeks, since the news of Secretary Ickes resignation. Immediately the thought poped [[popped]] into my mind what you said in Oklahoma one time to Ex and I. You may not recall but you said some of these days when I get sufficient political pull I want to be Assistant Secretary of the Interior in charge of Indian affairs. You also said and if I get that I want you and Ex on each side of me. When I heard of Ecke's resignation I thought well here may be a chance for Ben to get that position. I am not elated upon my own account or the thought that I could get anything out of this should you get the position, but I am for you and for what you could do for "Lo the poor Indian." You know I am in a position now when I can retire most any old day with about $175.00 per month pension, or I can still go on until I am 70 if the powers that be will let me, and I have no reason to think they would want me to retire. However, the main thing now is if Gov. Kerr is selected to be Secretary of the Interior will you have the opportunity to be Assistant Secretary and would you want to be? Or would you rather be Commissioner of Indian Affairs? (Just ask [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] me boy and I will give you either job) I remember you told me at Browning that Gov. Kerr was a personal friend of the President. I realize, of course, that there may be personal reasons [[strikethrough]] why Gov. Kerr might not be able to accept this position if offered to him. Also the President may have certain commitments that would preclude his offering the position to Gov. Kerr. Anyway you can't keep one from dreaming a dam [[damn]] good dream, can you?

I wrote you another letter to-day about the NCAI and would be glad to have you write me your slant on what I had to say and what you think the future of the organization will be. Believe me I will be glad to help in any way that I can even to the extent of paying personal expenses if I can be of assistance.

Well Ben I could not refrain from writing you about my dream and I only hope it will come true. I even wrote Mandy for I knew she would share my dream even if it does not come true and besides I had to have some one to confide in at a time like this.

Best personal regards to you and your family, and drop me a line when you can.

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