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July 8, 1946

Honorable N. B. Johnson
Claremore, Oklahoma

Dear Judge Johnson:

As to holding the Third Annual Convention of the National Congress of American Indians in Anadarko August 20-24 during the American Indian Exposition, I think it would be well for us to reconsider doing this for the following reasons:

From some communications that I have had, I think the attendance by delegates from out of the State will not be as great as would be expected ordinarily because of the heat during August. They seem to dread this.

Then, there is the matter of accommodating the delegates at Anadarko - particularly during the American Indian Exposition while there are so many other people there. We can get rooms at the Riverside Indian School, but they cannot feed us at the School.  All of the help that would be needed to furnish the meals will not be available in August - and this just cannot be done at the School. The cafe accommodations in town will not be sufficient and, furthermore, will be a mile or more away from the School where the delegates will be housed. This presents a most difficult situation.

Then, heretofore, we have been holding our Annual Conventions in November. If we hold it this year in August, that will cut the year short and perhaps throw us out of gear on that score.

Also, I am not sure that holding the NCAI Convention at the same time that the American Indian Exposition is being held will be conducive to a successful NCAI Convention - because of the distraction from the business of the NCAI. I am aware of the fact that the Browning Convention went on record as setting the Convention for Anadarko - and I am aware of the further fact that all of us are anxious to do what we can to help build up the American Indian Exposition. However, I believe weighing all phases of this proposition, that it would be better for us to hold our Annual Convention later on in the fall here in Oklahoma City.

In Oklahoma City, much better arrangements can be made for a place to meet, accommodations, entertainment, etc.

I believe that the Executive Committee is empowered to change the time and place of the next Annual Convention - and respectfully suggest that this be done, setting it in Oklahoma City some time in October or November.

In the meantime, all of us can do what we can to help advertise the American Indian Exposition and, perhaps, have a token meeting of some kind during
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