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Transcription: [00:17:38]
{SPEAKER name="Michael Stone"}
My name is Michael Stone; I'm from Austin, Texas, and the other people up here on the stage with me are either from Texas or Ciudad Juarez
that is to say the artists and I'm going to ask Mr. Valenzuela to introduce himself in a minute.
Our theme for discussion for the next 40 minutes or so is murals and lowriders.
And we're going to be speaking with first of all my immediate right Romy Frias who is a lowrider from El Paso, Texas
and he's set up right next door here working on some different things that kind of demonstrate what lowriding is all about.
And then next to Mr. Frias is Carlos Callejo, who is a muralist, El Paso native, spent a long time in, well spent part of his youth in Ciudad Juarez and the latter part of his youth in East Los Angeles
you know very involved in the Chicano movement in East LA and has been doing murals for a good twenty years now.
And then next to him is Mr. Alonso Encina who is from Ciudad Juarez representing a group of young people from Juarez called la Sociedad de la Esquina.
which is a kind of community based organization focused on involving young people in various forms of expressive culture.
And why don't I let Dr. Valenzuela introduce himself.

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Valenzuela"}
[[Spanish]] Mi nombre es José Manuel Valenzuela, del Colegio de la Frontera Norte, en Tijuana, México y realizo estudios sobre culturas juveniles.
{SPEAKER name="Michael Stone"}
Dr. Valenzuela is from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte

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