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I0I Park Avenue New York I7, N.Y. MUrray Hill 5-6249


February 6, 1944

Mr. Yasuo Kuniyoshi
30 East 14th Street
New York City

Dear Kuniyoshi:

I wired you this morning that I had been able to clear up the misunderstanding in regard to the invitation for you to send a painting to the exhibition that is to be sent to England.  This will both confirm that telegram and add an explanation which is so fantastic that I should not blame you in the least if you disbelieved it.  It happens to be true and I have proof on hand to back up this statement, proof which I should like to show you when I next see you.

As I told you in an earlier letter, I was the "clerk" for this exhibition and the manager of it, but my only vote lay in the class for prints.  The other two juries - sculptors and painters - handed their lists to me and I entered them in a special notebook.  When Mr. Kroll wrote me about your case(and I have his letter before me as I write) he stated that, though the painting committee was unanimous in selecting you as one of the first on their list, the matter of citizenship had been taken for granted as a deterrent and so your name had not been included, but that, in view of your great importance in American painting, he wondered if the regulations could be re-interpreted in some way so that your work in this field could be included.  You know my answer to this letter because I was told it was read to you.

Because I have been so very hard-pressed by undue demands on my time and strength, I only today got round to checking in the above-mentioned notebook those who had replied to the invitations and those who were still to be heard from, and there I found your name on the list of one hundred painters to be invited, and in the handwriting of a member of the jury.  I immediately consulted the report from the mailing house from which the invitations had been sent, and there was your name checked as having had such an invitation mailed to you.

As I said above, I would not blame you if you disbelieved this 
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