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Artists for Victory

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explanation but for the fact that no one would invent anything so fantastic and so it must be true - as it is. 

Leon Kroll, when he heard from you, apparently relied on his memory without looking up records and, probably because the matter of citizenship came up at the time, he concluded from the fact that you had received no invitation, that it had been decided only citizens were eligible. Probably I should have checked this but, coming from one of three on the jury, I took it for granted he knew what he was talking about, and so replied to his letter as I did. Then (though we all have had experience of how much mail goes astray these war days) the little gods of chance decided to have their joke too and so sent that particular invitation somewhere - no one knows where, except that it did not reach you. 

I have debated a long time whether to leave this explanation vague (largely because I hate to seem to throw the blame on other shoulders) but I have concluded that an eminent painter like you deserves the facts, especially as I am taking Kroll's letter to show him tomorrow. No one of us likes to be caught out in an error, but, where the facts are so self-evident, it seems only justice to you. Perhaps you will be willing, unless he brings up the subject himself, to let the explanation lie between you and me for, as I say, I hate to be put in the position of seeming to establish an alibi for anything with which I am connected, and at the expense of anyone else. I make many mistakes but this did not happen to be one of them. 

I am, therefore, counting on receiving two entries from you in the near future, as time grows short. One a painting and one a print, and sent on two sheets and in accordance with the instructions on the enclosed invitation. My best wishes and regards to you. 

Cordially yours, 

John Taylor Arms
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