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Questionnaire Who's Who in American Art Questionnaire

Data Required For Who's Who in American Art
Volume X, 1969 edition, Dorothy B. Gilbert, Editor

Please delete out-dated information, and add new information covering 1966-1969.

WALINSKA, ANNA-painter, T.
310 Riverside Dr., 10025, h. 875 West End Ave., New York, N.Y. 10025

B. London, England. Studied: Andre L'Hote and at Grande Chaumiere, Paris; NAD; ASL. Member: NAWA; AM. Soc. Contemp. A.; Painters in Casein. Awards: prizes, NAWA, 1957; Silvermine Gld. A., 1957; Am. Soc. Contemp, A., 1960 (2). Work: Newark Mus., Riverside Mus., N.Y.; Jewish Mus., N.Y.; Tel-Aviv Mus.; mus. of Safad and the Sholom Asch Mus., Bat-Yam, Israel, and in private colls., U.S. and abroad. Numerous portrait commissions, Exhibited: PAFA, 1963; CMA; MMA; MModA, 1956; BMA, 1959; other exhs., in England, France, Japan, Israel, Burma and U.S.A One-man: Jewish Mus., 1957 (retrospective); Gres Gal., Wash., D.C., 1958; Monede Gal., 1961. Illus., "The Merry Communist"; "The Gate Breakers", 1963. Position: Instr., Painting & Drawing, Master Institute of United Arts, New York, N.Y., 1957-1960; Print Council, 1960, 1963 (purchase). Work:  Howard Univ.; Allen R. Hite Mus.; J.B. Speed Mem. Mus.; Ball State T. Col.; Assn. Univ. Women; N.Y. Pub Lib.; MMA; Princeton Univ.; Univ. Nebraska; Munson-Williams-Proctor Inst.; Nat. Gallery, Canada; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Victoria & Albert Mus., London; Univ. Iowa; U.S. State Dept.; PMA; MModA; BM; U.S. Army; LC; works purchased by a company to be loaned to USIS for distribution to U.S. Embassies, 1966-1968. Exhibited: Carnegie Inst., 1941; WMAA, 1941, 1950, 1955; PMA, 1941; AIC, 1941; PMG, 1942; MMA, 1942, 1953; PAFA, 1949; MModA, 1941; BM, 1949-1952, 1958; LC, 1952; Univ. Chile, 1950; Smithsonian inst., 1954; Univ. So. California, 1953, 1954; Japan, Germany, Austria, 1950-51; Norway, 1951; Israel, 1949; Salzburg, 1952; The Hague & Amsterdam, Holland; Switzerland, 1953; France, 1954; Italy, 1955; Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1954; Copenhagen, 1964, 1965; Athens, Greece, 1964; Ball Sate T. Col., 1964; Brooks Mem. Gal., 1964; Prize-Winning Am. Prints touring exhs., 1962-62; MMA European traveling exh., 1955-56; Univ. Illinois, 1858; Mexico City, 1958; "American Prints Today," European traveling exh., 1857-58; one-man: ACA Gal., 1939; Univ. Louisville, 1945; Kent State Col., 1945; Serigraph Gal., 1946, 1951; Allen Hite Mus., 1948; Grand Central Moderns, 1957; Sherman Gal., Chicago, 1960, and numerous traveling exhibitions.

Professional Classification:
Check and number branches pursued in order of importance
P. (Painter)
...easel ...mural ...portrait ...miniature
S. (Sculptor)
...portrait ...monuments
C. (Craftsman)
...textile ...metal ...wood
Des. (Designer)
...industrial ...advertising ...textile
Gr. (Graphic Arts - Printmaker)
...etcher ...engraver ...lithographer ...serigrapher
Cart. (Cartoonist)
I (Illustrator)
Comm. (Commercial Art)
Mus. D. (Museum Director)
Mus. C. (Museum Curator)
E. (Educator) 
...professor ...teacher ...historian
Cr. (Critic)
W. (Writer)
L. (Lecturer) 

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Contribution to periodicals (list only important magazines)
Lectures - subject and where given
Teaching - subjects and where taught


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