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Social Security Building

Federal Works Agency
Public Buildings Administration

Office of the Commissioner
In Replying Quote the Above Subject,
Building, and these letters  FA

March 5, 1941

Mr. Ben Shahn
Jersey Homesteads
Hightstown, New Jersey

Dear Ben:

On my return to the office I had my attention called to the photographs of your Social Security mural designs which you left in my absence.

These are stunning photographs and bring out the supreme beauty of your work. I just wanted you to know that I was aware of how handsome the painting is and of its spiritual content.

The two items which you submitted in National Art Week together with the group of ten water colors which Bernada sent in were in the office but unfortunately Hopper did not know where they were. I will be glad to have them packed and returned to you if you wish me to do so.

Cordially yours,

Ed Rowan
Edward B. Rowan
Assistant Chief
Section of Fine Arts.