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The Department of Dramatic Art of Howard University invites your active encouragement and support in bringing about the realization of its twofold program. There is an ever growing demand for teachers and social workers trained in the science of dramatic production who can minister to the recreational and aesthetic needs of the people. Our courses are fitting our students for this splendid field of service.

Critics are generally agreed that the Negro race has exceptional possibilities in the drama. If there is ever to be a truly native American drama the Negro must contribute his part just as he has already done in music. Howard University through the opportunities which it offers in this department seeks to develop whatever dramatic ability the race possesses, with a view to the establishment in the near future of a National Negro Theatre where the Negro playwright, actor, musician, and artist may fashion a drama that shall merit the respect and gratitude of the American people.

In order to carry on this ambitious program successfully we must have the active interest and assistance of the public. We want you to catch our vision and then to work for its realization. Generous financial assistance is essential if we are to carry out even our immediate plans. We must have a theater of our own, a properly equipped workshop, and other essentials for efficient work. The majority of our corps of instructors have been practically donating their services and time to the University at a considerable sacrifice to themselves. Such a temporary arrangement does not in any way provide for the future. It should be clearly understood that the Department is not engaged in a commercial venture. Even under our present arrangement of production our receipts will probably not meet the actual expenses incurred. However, all net profits are to be devoted to a fund to be used by the University in maintaining and developing this work.

Provincetown, Mass,, Jan. 25, 1921

"I am thoroughly in sympathy with your undertaking for I believe as strongly as you do that the gifts the Negro can - and will- bring to our native drama are invaluable ones. The possibilities are limitless and, to a dramatist they open up new and intriguing opportunities.


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