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As more and more Tamarind-produced lithographs find their way into museum collections and art galleries, the need for defining the chops (or drystamps) which appear on these prints becomes apparent.

[[image]] This is the chop of the TAMARIND LITHOGRAPHY WORKSHOP and appears on all prints produced under its aegis.

When a Tamarind printer-fellow demonstrates that he is able to print an edition of professional calibre, he is given his own chop which, from then on, is embossed on those editions for which he is responsible. Therefore, each Tamarind print produced thus far bears the chop of one of the following printers:

[[image]] GARO ANTREASIAN, artist, printer, and Technical Director of the Tamarind Workshop from July 1960 - July 1961. He is currently a member of the faculty of the John Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Ind.

[[image]] WESLEY CHAMBERLIN, artist and printer-fellow at the Tamarind Workshop from January 13 - May 19, 1962. He is now Instructor in Art at San Francisco State College.

[[image]] JOHN DOWELL, JR., artist and printer-fellow at the Tamarind Workshop from April 4, 1963 - 

[[image]] JOE FUNK, artist and printer-fellow at the Tamarind Workshop from July 1960 - June 1961. He is now associated with Kanthos Press, 30 N. Venice Boulevard, Venice, California, as Master Printer.

[[image]] ROBERT GARDNER, artist and printer-fellow at the Tamarind Workshop from June to September 1962, now an Associate Professor in the Department of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture at Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.
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