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October 31, 1949.

Mr. Charlie Wunder,
Director News Bureau,
Monarch Air Lines, Inc.,
Stapleton Airfield, Denver 7, Colo.

My dear Mr. Wunder:-

Your letter has been on my desk longer than I am happy about, but after the Rapid City convention was over I went away for three weeks with my family, and mail simply waited until my return, your letters among them. We surely are grateful for all the help you have given NCAI with publicity, and for the excellent pictures you sent.  It was marvelous to get the full page spread in the Denver Post, and this we thank you for most heartily. 

The cut has arrived safely also.  We are using it in our convention number of the Bulletin, and of course will give the Monarch Air Lines credit. You are most kind and thoughtful to help us out in this fashion, and we hope that some day we can return the favor.  At any rate we shall look forward to being within hailing distance of you again some time.  After next year there is much talk of NCAI settling on some permanent convention City, and Denver seems to be the most centrally located and the one most talked of as a possible site.  Denver, and Salt Lake City are discussed. 

We shall be very proud to issue a Washington Bulletin with such a grand cut, and will send you some copies.  Isn't it great luck for us that you were in Rapid City at the time of our convention? Please accept our very sincere gratitude.

Sincerely yours

Ruth M. Bronson