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The parties of the second part also agree to make Rails, build fences, get fire wood, make Fires, feed, and take care of all stock which may be assign to them and in fact do all things required on well regulated farms and if the party of the first part should gin Cotton for the public as he is in the habit of doing the parties of the second part agrees to bale it at night or at any time they may be called on to do so.

The parties of the second part further agree to feed and clothe themselves, pay all physicians fees and all their own expenses. Not to have any unusuall collections of Freedmen around them or leave the plantation of the party of the first part without his knowledge and consent.

To conduct themselves peaceably and orderly and to be ready to go to work at sun rise and work until sundown having the usual intermission at Midday.

It is also agreed if they should hire any additional Hands each of the above parties are to pay half the hire and expenses of such additional Hands

All crops which may be raised on the farm of the party of the first part are to be equally divided between the above contributing parties with the above exceptions, with the understanding that Matthew Nevill of the first part and Stepney Nevill and Mathew Harris of the second as the heads of their respective families are the contracting parties

It is also understood the parties of the second part are to receive their half of all the crops above agreed on at the residence of the said Matthew Nevill and manage and dispose of it as they choose.

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