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618 Dupont Circle Building
1346 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington 6, D. C.

February 7, 1950

To the Executive Committee:

Attached hereto is a copy of a letter from the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Bellingham, Washington, which is self-explanatory. In addition to that, we have a letter from Herbert John, Regional Secretary from that area, in which he advises that changing the date from August 27, to June 4 to 8, is the one way to reach the Indian people of that area. We have also received other letters to the same effect.

Insomuch as the convention voted to hold our next meeting in August, the President felt that he should have the approval of the Executive Committee before considering any change in the date.

Will you please indicate your feeling in the matter by filling out the questions below and mailing them back to me at once. We would like to have any comments or ideas you wish to send with regard to whether or not the date should be changed.

Sincerely yours,

John  C. Rainer
John Rainer,
Secretary, N.C.A.I.


1. Shall the President change the date from the last week in August to some date in June, or some date suitable to the Indians of that area? 

Yes _____  

No ______

2. Shall the convention date remain the same as voted at the last convention? 

Yes _____  

No ______

Member, Executive Committee

Please tear off this questionnaire and return to me at the above address.