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Science Books
Basic Biology

Mahatma Gandhi by Romain Rolland, The Century Co., 1924

Academic Algebra, Wentworth and Smith, Ginad & Co., 1913

A Cook Book (Faithfully followed measurements)
Rumford Complete Cookbook - 1940
(revised - her name neatly written inside cover "Buchanan, Marion S.")

A Woman on Paper - Georgia O'Keefe

Henry Moore - Lieberman

Black Skin, White Masks - Fanon

The Negro in New York - Ottley & Weatherby

Angel Mo' and Her Son Roland Hayes - Helm

Flannery O'connor - The Complete Stories

New World Writing #6

The System of Dante's Hell - Jones

The Salt Eaters - Bambara

The Black Jacobins - James

One Time One Place - Weltey

The Women and The Men - Giovanni

We Fished All Night - Motley