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Dear Dorothy: I am in your bad books, I fear, but I hope no dark looks until I explain. The Morris Shop had to be photographed--lack of agreement on upholstery material blocked the game. No furniture was in evidence or could be if woven. I said, then let's use skins on that and have Dorothy weave a tapestry for the wall by the entrance instead of the furniture cover so we can get the pictures now. It was done. That was that.

But now the tapestry. You know I have urged you in that direction when we last met. There are as many now doing Dorothy Liebes stuffs as Lloyd-Wright buildings. I see you capable of this higher (if not more general) usefulness.

So why not let us collaborate on a design and see what can come of it in course of time. We can wait. The piece would be about ten feet high and sixteen feet wide - could be woven in sections of suitable convenience in manufacture, either sewn or woven together.

What says Dorothy . . .

Best to "Pat".  We miss you.


Frank Lloyd Wright

March 20, 1950