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Dorothy Liebes
131 East 66th Street
New York 21

Dear Dorothy Liebes: I myself placed a letter addressed to you from Mrs. Wright in the mail about three weeks ago. It must have somehow been lost in the mail - something that occasionally does happen to us out here "in the tall grass". I am very sorry that you have worried.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Wright and Iovanna took an unexpected trip to Wales where on the 18th Mr. Wright received an honorary degree from the University at Bangor. Mr. Wright was undecided about making the trip until the last moment and the next moment - characteristically - they were aboard a BOAC flight for Manchester. They are now in Paris and we expect them back next week.

My best wishes to you and to Pat Morin - we were greatly impressed how his fine story covered the country. We've had letters from virtually every state and they still come in. Mr. Wright never received so many birthday greetings nor knew he had so many admirers.


Eugene Masselink          

July 26th, 1956