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December 5, 1956

Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright
Taliesin West
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Frank Lloyd Wright:

What a darling you are to build up my ego and my prestige at the Cosmopolitan Club to elegant proportions! You know, of course, that the only reason they asked me to be on the committee was because I knew you! But any means to a good end, and in this case the whole plot centered on the big event of the year, namely getting to come to talk to club wives and husbands.

I might add that it's more of a professional than a social women's club. You have to "do" something before you can be a member, and even the very dottery old ladies are mostly doctors or professors or something.

It's going to be so wonderful to have you, and I hope Olgavanna will come with you and that the Morins right across the street, can give you one of our comfortable and unpredictable dinners.

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and that we're looking forward to seeing you in the spring. I wish you could make a March date because that's the best month for getting a good, big audience, but early May will still be a good crowd.