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April 11, 1959

Mr. John Bennett
Bigelow-Stanford Carpet Company, Inc.
140 Madison Avenue 
New York, NY

Dear Mr. Bennett:

I thought you might be interested in the enclosed. I get dozens of these announcements, of course, from the carpet middlemen, but once in a while one sounds a little bit different.

I hope you have seen the very rough, but nonetheless descriptive, chart of the plan for the "Color Corner," emphasizing our contract story. This is a pure color corner, and the same carpets will all be on the racks if people want to study them on the floor. I think we could tell a story here with a minimum of expense and a lot of impact. I hope you can expedite it. 

I also hope that our booth will go through soon for the Design Center, preferably before the A.I.D. Conference, April 26 through May 1. This I consider most important.

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy Liebes

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