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Supplementing the Second Stage of the Tourist Feasibility Report of Minoo and Kish Islands, prepared for and at the direction of the Imperial Government of Iran, THE TALIESIN ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS, in conjundtion with the Iranian firm of NEZAM AMERY, KAMOONEH AND KHOSROVI, have prepared and present herewith, tentative suggestions for the possible evolution of a Master Plan for the Island of Minoo.

This scheme presented here does not represent final recommendations of the Architectural Consultants and is not presented by them as a consummate proposal for a Mast Plan.  The Architectural Consultants recommend that the next phase of development for his project should involve the preparation of a detailed Master Plan based on the findings of additional reports and studies proposed by the Consultants.  The scheme set forth herewith is intended to advance some suggestions of the Architectural Consultants based on the conclusions arrived at as a result of the study concomitant with the preparation of the feasibility study for Minoo and Kish Islands.
1. Realization of the maximum advantage to the Country of Iran from the Island of Minoo ultimately involved total development of the Island in line with the objectives of an enlightened Master Plan.

2. Although ultimate development involves total utilization of the Island of Minoo, the program must be arranged in stages which are acceptable to the economy of the Government of Iran and which will insure a reasonable return at early stages of investment.

3. The plan for the eventual total utilization of the Island of Minoo should be directed toward providing an inclusive display of the accomplishments of modern Iran embracing a wide range of functions and supplying a broad variety of needs including:
a. Unusual and distinctive resort facilities for tourists from Iran, the Middle East and the entire world.
b. Cultural and educational facilities for the people of Iran and for the visitors from the Middle East and abroad.
c. Entertainment, sports and amusement opportunities available to the inhabitants of the immediate areas and serving as an attraction for visitors.
d. Commercial and trade centers for displaying to best advantage the products of Iran to business men and tourists from the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia.
e. Demonstration of model economical individual and group residential and apartment dwellings designed to meet the needs of all income groups in a beautiful and simple pattern for living integrated with natural beauty and the unique environment provided by the total designed development of the Island of Minoo.
f. Related collateral facilities such as power, light and other utilities; maintenance and operational structures and provisions, hospitals, clinis, offices, parking, security, police, customs, etc.

4. Climate and temperature factors make it impossible to propose Minoo as a site for extensive resort development unless the building and activities are subject to complete climate control; it is therefore regarded as axiomatic that the entire development including rooms, building and eventually all facilities enclosing major sport activities, be enclosed in insulated translucent or opaque envelopes with interior space under total year round temperature and climate control.  Advanced modern methods now render this feasible and economical.

5. Location of extensive facilities on the Island of Minoo, in spite of the high temperature ranges and considerable relative humidity, is warranted because of:
a. Excellent geographic location with regard to visitors and tourists from the Middle East and from all parts of the world.  
b. Location adjacent to the Abadon-Khorramshahr area where a considerable increase of Iranian and foreign population is anticipated in the immediate future.
c. Location in close proximity to wide range of important historical monuments, cities, building, archaeological sites, and other points of present and increased future interest to travelers and tourists.
d. Proximity of presently largely underdeveloped areas of great potential for variety of pursuits such as skiing, hunting, fishing and mountain climbing.
e. The considered effect of a truly elegant development of the type proposed (which provides complete climate-controlled living for all income levels) in accelerating tourism particularly from countries in the immediately surrounds area as well as from Europe, America and Asia.
f. Excellence of location for possible Free Port operation and for commercial contact between Iran and the rest of the world.
g. Importance of establishing such a center which would be an outstanding example to the people of Iran and to the world in general of the accomplishments of a sound economy and an enlightened government.  Location is ideal for such a total demonstration display.
h. If problems of comfort and climate control are effectively solved and the entire island transformed to realize the optimum conditions and environmental circumstances envisioned, the surrounding location and existing temperature conditions become an advantage rather than a disadvantage since the existence of such a remarkable circumstance under the natural existing climate conditions would in itself make the development a center of attraction and the objective of tourism.


The accompanying suggestions for a tentative Master Plan for Minoo Island involve a series of completely enclosed mega-structures, each composed of groups of buildings, which are connected by great sloping, straight or spiral ramps.  Below the upper surfaces of these ramps are located various levels (gradually increasing in number as the height of the ramp rises) which are devoted to different building purposed such as stores, shops, bazaars, offices, parking, etc.

Outstanding in size is the large central facility devoted to Resort and Transient Hotel and Motel use.  This structure is located on the east central portion of the island and forms a focus for the spiral ramps as well as for the straight highway ramp which extends from the Free Port and commercial area on the northwest corner of the island to the Hotel Complex mentioned, and which is intended to enclose bazaars and bazaar courts on its upper levels with layers of covered enclosed parking below.  The Hotel and Motel Complex is conceived as a series of terraced rooms opening on the exterior to the view and on the interior to a great close court surmounted by a translucent pyramidal dome or skylight. This group of structures would provide for up to 3,000 guest rooms plus all related facilities, restaurants, dining rooms, night clubs, convention facilities, first aid clinic, stores, shops, bank, pharmacies, postal and telegraph  buildings, etc.

The Hotel and Motel Complex as a focus of various spiral ramps forms a modern expression of the ancient Ziggurat and the name "Ziggurat of the Pahlavi" has been suggested as a title. A slender multi-story tower tentatively termed "the Tower of Cyrus," is proposed as related to the "great Ziggurat" to provide distinctive hotel and apartment accommodations in the future. 

Surrounding the Central Hotel and Motel Complex and enclosed in and serviced by the converging pattern of spiral highway ramps is a series of various courts devoted to such manifold purposes as cultural parks, sports areas, theater and entertainment plazas, etc. It is suggested that these courts might appropriately be named after the great poets, thinkers, and philosophers of Iran.

Related to and accessible from the lower roadways below the ramp structures various other buildings are propose including schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.

The spiral and straight ramp structures, besides providing for future building space, also offer an opportunity for continuous accessible utility service such as gas, water, oil, electricity, chilled and/or heated liquids for temperature control systems, etc.  The upper levels of the ramp structures would include pedestrian esplanades, multilane vehicular traffic, park and landscaped areas.  Access to lower levels would be by means of auxiliary ramps.  The nature of the ramp structures would permit gradual staged construction of the buildings enclosed below them as time and finances allow and warrant.  For the two major spiral highway ramps the names "Ramp of Shapur" and "Ramp of Adashir" have been suggested.  The straight ramp covering the main bazaar is tentatively titled "The Grand Bazaar of Shah Abbas.

In the northern portion of the island, enclosed by the river and the three spiral ramps the "Court of Rustam" is proposed:  an areas devoted to sports, athletics, etc.  Here a great sports areas is indicated with a translucent roof (reserved for eventual ultimate stages of construction) extending over entire race track and central playing field.

It is suggested that the southern and western shores of the island be devoted to residential use, providing either single, group or apartment facilities.  In general this poration of the project would be characterized by a new approach to the ancient village pattern with provisions for beautiful but economical residential accommodations for all income levels.

It is suggested that the most eastern portion of the island developed as a great terraced plaza tentatively termed "The Plaza of Khayam" would contain additional apartments, hotel, or guest rooms with related facilities, night clubs, casino, dining rooms, ice skating rinks, swimming pool and beach clubs, etc.

Other proposed facilities in the project include:  libraries, schools, colleges (The "International University for the Promotion of Peace") mosques, chapels, beach facilities with enclosed shark-proof swimming areas, sea wall and esplanade surrounding the entire island, village centers, zoological park, amusement park (The Garden of Scheherazade), country club on the golf course, boat houses, docks and marina, police, securing ang gendarmerie offices, etc.


Running along the shopping areas, a great covered mall is envisioned.  This spacious avenue, lighted from above by intermittent skylights and lined by an almost infinite variety of shops, craftsmen and stalls, booths, etc., would have the mystery and fascination of ancient oriental bazaars.

A walk along the bazaar, opening out at various points along its length to various courts with a great variety of exhibits could be transformed into a journey through all religions of Iran itself.  These courts and terraces would be spacious, sunlight covered spaces, where not only products of Iran's regions be represented, but within which pageants, characteristic folk dancing and celebrations of various kinds might be held.

Anyone wondering through the bazaar, its satellite shopping centers and markets would be surrounded by articles made in Iran presented in such manifold variety of forms as to impress visitors of the diversity and creative energy of its peoples.  The buildings would recapture the romance and beauty of the ancient bazaar in towns of inauguative use of modern materials and building technique.


It is contemplated that in addition to regular dining facilities related to resort and transient hotel accommodations, there would ultimately be numerous individual restaurants, night clubs, cafes and cafeterias located throughout the project.

They would be planned to blend informally on shaded terraces, enjoy commanding views of the river, near gardens, fountains and water courses, each having a unique character, quality and beauty.  To provide for discerning gourmets, small intimate select dining places would be pleasantly located between larger elements within the plan.

Other dining facilities catering for high and lower income groups would also be provided as an integral part of the overall scheme.  Restaurants and cafes could exclusively prepare international and local foods, so that the resort visitor, notwithstanding country of origin, could enjoy recipes from any part of the world.


Located in the PLAZA OF KHAYAM, casino facilities have been given considerable attention and emphasis with regard to air, sea and traffic patterns and close proximity to the Resort Hotel, Transient Hotel and motels, so as to afford it the highest possible potential as a high revenue earning undertaking.

Also, with programming of games like Roulette, Twenty-One, Keno, Chemin De Fer, Baccarat and automatic games, pleasure seeking, money spending, international and local jet set resort visitors will be enticed to try their hands in these games of chance.

To be of any noteworthy attraction, therefore, this Casino would have to be comparable with those in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.


As their name implies, night clubs would be a major source of attraction to resort visitors as entertainment throughout the entire day and night.

Like the casino, they too would be source of great revenue, hence much consideration should be directed in achieving varying colorful, mysterious and unusual interiors.

Ranging from small, cozy bistros to big brassy cabarets, some of the proposed night clubs might have a subtle, plush elegance where one can dance and dine in luxurious surroundings.

Again, some will in time develop reputations by way of sponsored local and international shows and dancing.


As the Mosque is spiritually coextensive with the entire life of the people, the architectural consultants suggest that such a structure be planned as an integral element in the overall scheme. Smaller chapels for persons of other faiths might be provided related to hotel facilities.

This Schematic Master Plan presentation is dedicated to the development of Minoo Island as a resort and recreational center. Accordingly, the Architectural Consultants commit themselves to reactivate the spirit of man through the influence of pleasant surroundings in a beautiful environment.

Proposed Facilities Included in Master Plan
Enclosed protected beaches, swimming pools, promenade walks, cabanas, refreshment stands and cafes.
In the COURT of RUMI: tennis, shuffleboard, badminton, table tennis, handball, etc., in a garden environment.
In the GARDEN of HAFIZ: rich vegetation and landscaping surrounding tea houses, contemplation areas, croquet courts, miniature golf course, etc.
In the GREAT COURT OF RUSTAM: soccer, cricket, olympic size swimming pool, athletic track, stables, paddock, exercise/jumping and performing rings, tennis sports gymnasium, bowling alley, ice skating rink, marina, boat basin, water skiing horse and camel racing, archery, riding trails, polo.
In the GARDEN OF MITHRAS, zoological gardens and arboretum, childrens playground.
In the GREAT COURT OF ZOROASTER, 18 hole championship golf course, childrens playground walks, riding trails, park shelters.
In the GARDERNS OF SCHEHERADE, abstract and imaginative amusement park with all devices, displays and features designed to exhibit the color and creative beauty of Iran's great past and promising future.

Snow Skiing and Mountain Climbing
Several mountains ranging in height from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level are within 190 mile (400 kilometer) radius of Minoo and might well provide potential skiing and mountaineering areas.


To avoid haphazard growth by accretion, and in order not to deter the more affluent resort visitor with urban blight, it is essential that resort facilities as well as buildings inhabited by islanders, in face the total environment, be designed embracing a consistant design philosophy.

It is indeed the intention to raise the potential of these local peoples by providing them with suitable economic limits, in keeping with their past great tradition, a beautiful environment utilizing modern imagination, techniques and methods.


Surrounding the "COURT OF SAADI," close to the "BRIDGE of XERXES" and flanked by the GRAND BAZAAR OF SHAH ABBAS, buildings for the performing arts are suggested.  These include:
1. AUDITORIUM THEATER for Symphonic Music, Musicals, Opera, Professional and Amateur Drama, Ballet, Lectures, Chamber Music, Dance and Convention use, having a seating range adjustable from 800 to 3,000 persons.  To cater to all these facilities, it is recommended that the theater have built-in provisions for altering its volume and acoustic absorption, thus making it possible to provide optimum conditions for witnessing and listening to all of the different specific performing arts.
2. OUTDOOR AMPHITHEATER is suggested to provide year round facilities, suitably covered by a light, demountable, translucent canopy when required.  A wide variety of events and entertainment are possible, such as Symphony Concerts, Wrestling Matches, Historical Pageants, Waterworks and Fireworks, Ballet, Aquacades and Diving Exhibitions, Folk Dancing Festival, Fashion Shows and Theatrical Performances.
3. MOVIE THEATERS are planned to utilize the most up to date projection techniques as displayed at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada.  It will be the intention to create a festive atmosphere within the precincts of the building like that of a fairyland come alive.


A center of learning to promote World Peace is located in the GREAT COURTY OF ZOROASTER flanking the Ramp of Shapir, while nearby are located the International Library Seminar building and Planetarium.


[[Table and Graph]]

**Schedule of tentative Costs of Possible Ultimate Development (5000 acres) in accord with feasibility recommendations of Economic Consultants (The American Institute for Foreign Trade, International Division) and used as a basis for projected income charts. The Economic Consultants considered such a development as set forth here feasible for a 15 year program. However, the recommendations of the Architectural Planners have deferred this total development of the Island assuming that such a larger investment would be made as the population and use increase and as the income and success of the project warrant.
NOTE: The financial and economic analysis conducted by the Economic Consultants (Research International Division of the American Institute for Foreign Trade) indicates that a considerably greater acceleration of tourism might be expected than has been assumed as the basis for the final recommendation presented herein. The analysis of the Research International Division of the American Institute for Foreign Trade also indicates that a much greater total number of visitors at the end of the twelve year period with a correspondingly greater investment in buildings and facilities and a larger cash income from the investment than have been assumed in preparing these present recommendations.
Although the economic and financial analysis shows a much more favorable climate for the future development and success of MINOO Island, and although this analysis would warrant much more extensive development and investment, the Consultants have based their final recommendations on a more conservative basis than this report indicated as feasible. While the studies showed that a much larger investment would be justified, and, in fact, probably would provide for a higher rate of return, the Consultants have felt it advisable to limit the total investment in the early phases to amounts which are more consistent with what might be expected to be available either from government sources or from private investors. The Consultants have attempted to shape their recommendations in accord with the initial and ultimate investments and success of general similar projects throughout the world, having corresponding factors for comparison.
The final recommendations as to program provide for a more gradual expansion over a longer period of time but eventually reaching the total potential recommended by the economic and financial studies. The projected program is based on the premise that expansion of the development program would proceed to the next phase only after the proven economic soundness of the preceding phase, up until the completion of the proposed facilities.
It must be pointed out that the financial analysis indicates a considerably smaller return from the investment if only a small part were initially constructed. In fact, if the original investment is too small, the return might be non-existent.
Accompanying graphs indicate the relation of the facilities and income as recommended herein and as warranted according to the economic and financial analysis.


It is evident in European and Mediterranean resorts that close proximity to architectural, historical and archaeological points of interest has largely promoted the tourist influx into these resorts. Based on this fact, simular influx may be expected into the Island of Minoo with its easy traveling distance from a wealth of sites. If a circle of 500 km. radius be swung with Minoo as the center a total of more that sixty sites of major architectural, historical and archaeological significance will be included while an almost infinite number of locations of lesser importance would be enclosed. Within the circle fall not only such Iranian points of interests as Isfahan, Shiraz, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Takht-i-Jamshid, Susa, and Bisitun, but also within easy reach in Iraq are such important objectives as the remains of ancient Sumeria, Uruk, Ur, Larsa, as well as the sites of Babylon, Ctesiphon, etc.
The Consultants believe that Iran, in the unexcelled wealth of its artistic and architectural marvels, has an underdeveloped potential for eventual expansion of tourism which ranks high among the nations of the world. 
What other country possess at the same time such superb examples of the planner's art as Persepolis, certainly the greatest large scale plan of ancient times, and Isfahan, which as a magnificent city plan was unequalled in the time when it was executed and has never been surpassed as a concept since? The picturesque beauty of Isfahan and Shiraz do not take second place to any of the centers of Europe which attract millions of visitors annually. The numerous archaeological sites of the Middle East while in many cases not such in themselves as to attract tourists in great numbers, nevertheless, as part of the tour or planned travel program, planned in relation to such sites, could form objectives for tourism which would contribute substantially to the total volume. 
It is proposed that thought and consideration be given to the possibility of providing access and transportation between such centers of tourism and the various archaeological and historical sites within the surrounding 500 km. radius. It is possible that helicopter and bus conveyance to and from a considerable number of points of interest could be planned. 
In addition the Consultants suggest that an overall system of accommodations might be arranged to provide for tourists visiting the various interest points. It might be profitable to investigate the possibility of restoring and renovating many of the ancient caravansaries to provide for modern tourists in an atmosphere consistent with the historical past but in keeping with modern standards of convenience and luxury. If this was completely done by Architects trained to respect the ancient tradition and skillful in the best principles of true modern design, a dual purpose might be accomplished: the restoration and maintenance of a large number of important monuments of the past and a provision of appropriate and glamorous facilities for the entertainment of the economic influx of tourists to Iran which might be expected to result from the augmentation of an overall tourism program and the provision of facilities such as are proposed for Minoo. 

The Consultants believe that the potential accomplishment and gain by and to the country of Iran by way of the simultaneous gradual integrated development of the island of Minoo is enormous and in the degree of potential appreciation of value, both actual and induced, offers an opportunity not enjoyed by any other country or area with which the Consultants have had experience. Properly implemented, this development could become one of the real wonders of the modern world and would create international respect and good will of the citizens of all countries for the manifest accomplishments of the great country under the inspired leadership of His Imperial Majesty, Mohammed Reza Shah. 
Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact