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Los Angeles County Museum of Art     Maurice Tuchman

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Art in Los Angeles.

Includes bibliographies.
1. Art, American--California--Los Angeles--Exhibitions.  2. Art, Modern--20th century--California--Los Angeles--Exhibitions. I. Tuchman, Maurice. II. Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
N6535.L6A7    709'.794'94074019493 81-6003
ISBN 0-87587-101-1                 AACR2

Published by the 
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036

Copyright © [[strikethrough]]1981 by[[/strikethrough]]
Museum Associates of the
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

All rights reserved
Printed in the U.S.A

Curatorial liaison for the publication:
Stella Paul

Edited by Jeanne D'Andrea,
Stephen West, and Aleida Rodríguez

Designed in Los Angeles
by Louis Danziger

Text set in Century Schoolbook typefaces
by RSTypographics, Los Angeles

Printed in an edition of 11,000 on
Lustro Offset Enamel Book and Warren's
No. 66 Antique Bulking papers by
George Rice & Sons, Los Angeles

Exhibition Itinerary

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
July 21-October 4, 1981

San Antonio Museum of Art
November 20, 1981-January 31, 1982

Art in Los Angeles
Seventeen Artists in the Sixties