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Roanoke Island N.C. March 9th 1865

we want to know from the Secretary of War has the Rev Chaplain James which is our Superintendent of negros affairs has any wright to take our boy children from us and from the school and send them to Newbern to work to pay for they ration without they parent consent if he has we thinks it very hard indeed he issued a Proclamation that no abel boys Should have any rations at 14 years well we thought was very hard that we had to find our boy children to goe to [[strikethrough]] goe [[/strikethrough]] School hard as times are, but rather then they should goe without learning we thought we would try and do it and say no more a bout it and the first thing we knowed Mr. Streeter the gentleman that ration the contraband had gone a round to all the White School. Teachers and told them to give the boys orders to goe and get they ration on a cirtain day so the negros as we are call are use to the Cesesh plots