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May 9, 1942

Professor Chiura Obata

Dear Chiura:

Two special report blanks for your students have been referred to me and I must appeal for help to get the grades:

1) Ernest Germans, Art 112 2 units

This is the young man who has been working on the ship yards. He says he submitted his work for 112, in a folder, some time ago.

2) Charles Robert Winston, Art 298, 4 units.

Bob filed his study list very late. We need to know the grade and also whether 4 units is the right amount of credit.

Neither of these names is on your report at the Registrar's office.

Everything is getting quiet around here now, as more and more students are leaving. It is still so cold that none of those left can lie on the grass.

Mrs. Loeb is still at work on her projects I wonder if she ever finished a piece of work on time.

Hope you are not finding life in camp too tedious. If you have your materials for painting I know you are busy.

Best regards to Mrs. Obata, Kim and yourself,

Sincerely yours,

Clive M. Washburn

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