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James Boynton               Houston, Texas
 -Dawn Dusk
  mixed media, 29x23        Gallery Representative:
                            Galerue Simonne Stern,
                            New Orleans, Louisiana
 -Implosion                 Martha Jackson Gallery
  mixed media, 29x23        New York, New York

Bruce Brice                 New Orleans, Louisiana
 -Rockmore in Studio        Gallery Representative:
  oil, 70x94                E. Lorenz Borenstein Gallery,
                            New Orleans, Louisiana

Gary Brotmeyer              New Orleans, Louisiana
 -Portrait of Harry Dibble  Gallery Representatives:
  mixed media, 7x6x2        Private Galleries, Ltd.,
                            New Orleans, Louisiana

M.R. Bucknall               Austin, Texas
 -Girl With Puffins         Gallery Representative:
  oil, 54x45                Lwinnart
                            Austin, Texas

Ray Burggraf                Tallahassee, Florida
 -Kinematic Space
  brush actylic, 80x81
Delan Bush                  New Orleans, Louisiana
 -The Color in Wendy's Face Sometimes
  acrylic in plastic,

Mel Casas                   San Antonio, Texas
 -Humanscape 62             Gallery Representative:
  acrylic, 72x96            A Clean Well Lighted Place
                            Austin, Texas

Henry Casselli              Metairie, Louisiana
 -Short Cut Past            Gallery Representative:
  Gramma's Patchwork        Bryant Galleries
  oil, 30x48                New Orleans, Louisiana
  not available for exhibition