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"Black Goddess", 1989 28 x 20 x 13 inches, Polychromed Aluminum. (C) The Star Ledger
In Memory of Nadine De Lawrence

It is with great sorrow that I write this dedication about our gathering to remember Nadine De Lawrence. But I am happy that she has found relief and new life in a better place.

I met Nadine De Lawrence six years ago at an exhibit we were both in. I was struck by her work because it spoke volumes to me about love and anger. I could feel not so much the power that others have gleaned, but the hue and cry of human passions. I could see secrets of my life, the issues I wrestle with; I had looked into my soul. We became best of friends -- confidants. We shared the happiness, pain, pleasures, tragedies and urgencies of our lives.

When Nadine made her pieces, she reinvented herself. Each piece is a recreation of herself. She transfused each piece with her own life force. Her strength and power was in interpreting her fragileness and therefore our own human fragility. Please find peace now that Nadine has reconciled her conflict with life and found her immortal soul. For us all, Nadine will live on in each print, each painting, each sculpture, and each warm and cherished memory. 

Chey Backuswalcott