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February 5, 1971

Time 2.8.1971. Regarding Robert Hughes art-icle:

All the freak side show clowning of Salvador Dali and his rank imitator Larry Rivers cannot prevent their going down the soiled drain of history

Op and Pop are pooped. Graffeti [[Graffiti]] has gone back to the outhouse from which it oozed. The shock technique has become a bore. Clever art clowns become desperate. They now plagueize [[plagiarize]] old Masters and like necromancers have descended to the low level of ghoals [[ghouls]] by excavating the graves of black history.

Those who once sneered at anything resembling an object are now exploring how make a fast buck expoiting [[exploiting]] the long horrible history of chain gangs, lynchings, murders and terror employed to keep the blacks in their place.

The brutal racism that floods America has moved the Mason-Dixon line to the edge of the arctic circle. Not all the brilliant prose of Robert Hughes can disguise the cash register motives of Mr. Rivers.

Let him work his magic tricks on the racism practiced by the white power structure of which he is a part.No dedicated artist should be allowed to drmatize [[dramatize]] the tragedy of this history if he is white.

Black artists despite their being cut off from four centuries of the rich artistic tradition of their homelands are reaching an atavistic reservoir of treasure and are unashamed to champion a cause [[strikethrough]] * [[/strikethrough]] Art dedicated to the liberation of black people.

The galleries, museums have become anachronisms titleating [[titillating]] the over concieted [[conceited]] egoes [[egos]] of an elite minority, The black esthetic is portraying the dreams and aspirations of black people on the scaby [scabby]] outside walls of rat infested tenement ghettos hemmed in by sleek high rise voting traps. These walls of pride and respect renews their courage each day and inspire them to face their fight for equality.

As a white artist, I firmly believe they are formulating a new foundation and assure the renewal of the future of art in America, They will help to liberate many white artists who are economically deprived. It is no accident that fast buck promoters are using and abusing black themes and black artists.


Jan Wittenber
Jan Wittenber

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