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This transcription has been completed. Contact us with corrections.

In order to present a thorough cross section of Artists, their philosophies, ideas, image, style, and media We Need Your Help. We would like to have a slide presentation by artists from all areas of the country. If you would like to present your slides or another artist's slides or film please contact us by March 15, so that we may program you for a time slot.

We shall also have workshops in painting, printmaking sculpture, photo-graphy-film, mural painting, crafts and visual aids. If you would like to share new expressions and materials for any workshop would you please contact us immediately by March 15, 1972. African slides may be copied in the visual aid workshop with your film. 

Please plan to reserve the Above dates and come to the convention. More information shall be forth coming.

In the Unification of Artists
Barbara J. Jones

3806 South Michigan
Chicago, Illinois 60653