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Chas & Fran:

Dear friends, far and near:
Greetings for this New Year, 1973! 
Please be aware that April 9, 1973 will mark the 75th Birthday of our friend the great Paul Robeson. Please see that this occasion is observed in your community or organization...Tell a child about Paul Robeson!

I visited Tanzania this summer past and met with a number of the fighters for African liberation. Our American Forum group contributed some items to them just before leaving. I am using the Christmas stamps to share with you the letter of thanks that they sent to us. In reading it you will become aware of what you can do to help them in their struggle which is our struggle. 

So, see what you can do. If you can't send a package or some material aid, just send a letter of solidarity to them. Help me to start an African Liberation Chain!

Feel free to reprint or rewrite any parts of this letter in order to send the message to other friends of good will! 

Every little bit helps...little grains of sand do mighty mountains make....

Margaret & Charles
Margaret and Charles Burroughs

P. S. Yes, contributions to the DuSable Museum Building Fund Drive are most welcome and are deductible from income tax. We hope soon to be able to announce a time table re: our big move. 

P.S. I'm so glad that Mrs March got moved into a safe place. I had a nice long talk with her & will visit her soon - 
Love - Margaret