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The report of the Resolutions Committee was heard and the resolutions hereto appended were adopted by the Convention.

Standing committees for the next year were appointed as follows:

(all caps) Legislation Committee:  
Frank George, Nez Perce
Clarence Wesley, San Carlos Apache
Josephine Kelly, Standing Rock Sioux
George H. Adams, Skokomish
Amos Lamson, Omaha
W. W. Short, Chickasaw
Ramon Roubideaux, Rosebud Sioux
Francis Bullshoe, Blackfeet
J.J. Mingo, Creek

Dan M. Madrano, Caddo, and __, Chairman
Tandy Wilbur, Swinomish
Abel Paisano, Pueblo
George Friedlander, Moses Columbia
Edward M. Wilson, Chippewa
Mrs. Willamette LaVatta, Shoshone-Bannock
Carl Whitman, Jr., Three Affiliated Tribes
Sam Gorman, Navajo
David A. Johnson, Sr., Pima-Maricopa
Cora Welch Irgens, Blackfeet
John Shaw, Osage
Robert C. Gillespie, Sioux
Frank G. Smart, Chippewa

Amanda H. Finley, Cherokee, 
and the Regional Secretaries

Louis Bruce, Jr., Mohawk
Leon Miller, Cherokee,
William Cook, Mohawk
Allie Reynolds, Cherokee
Yeffe Kimball, Osage
W. H. H. Pilcher, Omaha
Francis McKinley, Ute
I. W. Flood, Sioux                                   

D'Arcy McNickle, Flathead
C.C. Victory, Cherokee
Leopoldo Eriacho, Zuni
Herbert John, Lummi
Nelson Lupe, Apache
Alex Chasing Hawk, Cheyenne River Sioux
Sam New Breast, Blackfeet
Edward Boyer, Shoshone-Bannock
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