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Chur Lieut Col. J.F. 1.-2. 7-8-18-35-44-
Comb William 10-14-19-
Carter E.U. 16-36-60-93-110.-128-154.171-
Chipman, Kramer, Gilmer & Brown. 19-
Carter Dorset. 24-194-197. 201. 230.
Cratch George. 33-39-42-
Collins John. 35-63-134-
Collins Simon. 38-63-69-70-
Comer Wm. 39-48-
Cannon Saml. 49-52-
Chur Lt Col J.F. 50-58-71-85-92-100-107-
Carman Wm. 51-61-68-
Carter David. 57-
Cole Major. 57-100-168-175-182-
Crawford Lt A McL. 62-
Clark Henry. 69-206-219-227.229.
Cherry Samuel 86-90-96-
Coats Lieut A. 93-110-128-154. 171-193
Cutler Bvt Lt Col. W.A. 107-
Chur Bvt Lt Col J F. 119-120-121-123-124-126-
Caldwell James. 119-
Crenshaw Harry. 125-
Chur Lt Col J.F. 127-131-132-135-139-148-
Cooper Daniel. 130-138-139-143-
Cherry W.M. 131-146-173-209-220-
Cullens Lewis. 136-138-144-
Crowell Albert. 139-147-192-
Carter Henry. 145-157-162-168-
Chur Col J.F. 149-151-153-154-158-159-171-
Conoley James 152-
Cotton David. 178.
Cummings Bryant. 178.184.190.
Cooper Romulus. 180.
Chur Col J.F.
Carter E.H. 193-195-211-239.256.
Chadwick David.196.
Chur Col J.F. 205.206-207.208-211-217-221-223
Coats Lt A. 211-239.256-
Colton Whitmilk 214-
Chur Col J.F. 248.256.
Camell Peter. 233.245.
Conner Abram. 244.251.
Chur Col. J.F. 257.258.

Transcription Notes:

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