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him that evasion or denial of justice in any reproach would subject the accused to trial by a Military Commission.  I have no doubt the conduct of Judge Pettes will be perfectly satisfactory.

I encamped at night within about ten miles of the Alabama river.  On the morning following (Saturday) I reached the Alabama river about one mile above Claiborne and commenced crossing.  This occupied me till 4 o'clock, in the evening.  At Claiborne I met a guard who informed me that brought forage from Mobile, agreeably to my request while at St. Stephens.

I regret to say I found in the this place exhibitions of disloyalty and lawlessness, such as I had not before seen, and it was only by a great effort on the part of some well minded citizens and my officer that an unforeseen outbreak was prevented between these lawless persons and my escort.  I deem it as peculiarly unfortunate that a sufficient garrison had not earlier been placed at Claiborne.  This is a place of considerable importance.  The boats up and down the river make landings here.  There is stored in its warehouses large quantities of cotton and Claiborne is the Head Quarters of business as well as of ruffianism of that section of the state.

After loading the forage I moved out about two miles to a creek and encamped.

The next day,(Sunday,) resumed my march and