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formerly they were driving away their peoples now they are inviting them to stay. 
In many cases husbands and families are separated neither dare join the other,
Among the whites I regret being compelled to say but little loyalty to the U.S. Government exists, with too many the oath of allegiance is but a mocking openly professed so, they take the oath for the privileges it confers, nothing else. With the returned soldiers this is some what different. They are men generally who have found some employment and are seeking by honest industry to retrieve a part of the wreck which four years of war have made of their fortunes. 

Clarke County is in the advance. In various parts of Monroe Co. the life of a citizen is in constant peril. I have recommended to the Genl. Comdg. the necessity of sending to this County a competent Military force. Two Companies of Infantry one mounted and one colored have been sent to Claiborne, but this will probably be increased, 

They have now a full Company at St. Stephens the Shire town of Washington County under the command of a most excellent Officer Capt. Smith.

At Grove Hill the Shire town of Clark Co. the Grand Jury is today in session with the assurance that all irregularities shall be investigated.

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The words were hard to read due to my screen not being able to zoom very well. I intentionally left the misspelled words as that is how they read. I believe they will have to be reviewed for fixing.